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  1. You must excuse me but I know EXACTLY whet I am talking about. This is not 'my opinion', it is fact. The DC currents under any load of kit here will not harm you at all in reality. I will not and shall not argue the semantics of application. This thread has gone deep enough, its just common sense. Small loads protected, forget about it. Stuff is dry = Your safe. End of.
  2. Awful Quiz Alert ! Sorry people. Great idea but this quiz IS riddled with holes. Nice bit of fun and bonus points for spotting the faults I say. 'flash by name, flash by nature. Woof'
  3. I bow to your wisdom 'Kneeell before Zod' But.. Who Will Get Them All..........
  4. Never seen a shower yet. Nice name bro.
  5. I nearly but nearly made the same error for that one.
  6. Agreed, but impressed guys. I thought the bodies for a solar eclipse had 2 answers. Sun, Moon. (My answer) - wrong And Sun, Moon, Earth - right. If your in a spaceship at the right place behind the moon you only need Sun, Moon. So technically i'm right? Right? Seems they got bored and threw a load of Galileo in to finish it. Rain rain go away, i have a scope and want to play.
  7. Low voltage is totally safe from human danger, however DC shorts are not good for DC kit. Common sense rather than technical professional advice. Plastic box or a bag with tape. Anything to keep plugs, sockets or exposed electrics dry is good. Never wrap something and submerge it or leave in a puddle. Just keep the damp off. 240v outside - ALWAYS have an RCD at power source. Run low voltage outside and it is safer by far. - Remember 12v doesn't run more than 10-20m before you loose volts and create other problems. Common sense always and clear skies.
  8. So it is pouring down everywhere and there is no footy until Tuesday & cloudy even longer. *sigh* Ok, ok, we don't all love footy. So here is a quiz on Astronomy : http://library.thinkquest.org/J001665/quiz.html I got 17 correct & 11 wrong. Can you do better? Probably x. Good luck and maybe a prize for all correct?? No promises, it's all good fun. And there off....
  9. From a fully qualified Electrician. All above are right. Get a plastic box, bags and tape for dew etc.. Just keep sockets/plugs dry. And the RCD is vital. Guarantee your safety and no damage to what is plugged in. Clear Skies, Scott.
  10. Oh its live - Durr haha. <- (Im wiv stupid) Really wanted to see this. Shame the time/weather means I cant look through my beast but nice one for this. Better than never seeing it, thanks x. Clear Skies, Scott.
  11. So what is the 15min countdown all about. Where, when is the video dude? Scott.
  12. Nice. There is hope for me yet. Seems a lot of you have seen one in your FOV. I didn't tell my dad as he loves it and I want him to feel a bit rare for seeing one. Cheers guys, Scott.
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