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  1. I use the Astronomy section combined with ASstro Panel for Android. Astro Panel is the best and much more reliable than Clearoutside and Metcheck IMO.
  2. First time I've managed to capture it with my 2x Barlow. Used my little Mak127 and a modified Cinema HD webcam. Thoughts?
  3. This is excellent. Will try and attach my 450D to my Mak and see what I can get!
  4. Thanks everyone. Will pick up a 102 from FLO once my pay packet arrives at the end of the week
  5. CA isn't really an issue as I'll be using it for widefield DSO's if I can. I have my little Mak for planets, the moon etc. Ever since my little ETX80 broke I've always missed the views. I have binoculars but prefer a scope. Thanks
  6. That settles it. I have my Mak for planets but struggling with DSO's using it. It will do me until I make the leap into astro imaging. Thanks everyone
  7. Hmm, I think I'd need to get the 102mm as the SLT will support 3.6kg and the 120mm looks to be around 3.8-4kg.
  8. Do you think the mount will be able to support it? There's a 102mm by Celestron on the same mount but not sure if it will be slightly too heavy?
  9. The OTA comes with tube rings and a dovetail so that's not an issue as it will go onto the SLT mount. When I say "grab and go", I really mean it. I store it in the dining area which is about 3 meters to the garden where it gets plonked down. I miss the views from my old ETX80 and the Mak cooldown time is a bit excessive. What's the difference in size between the 102 and 120? Will it balance okay? (either of them)
  10. When I mean too large, I'm meaning to be shoved in the corner. I *fairly* sure the weight won't be an issue!
  11. Hi, I currently have a Mak 127 and although it's an excellent scope, I'm looking for a decent grab and go wide field refractor. The weather in Glasgow changes every second so the less cooldown, the better. I've been thinking about either of these but not sure which one to get. I don't have a lot of space and as the Mak is very compact, I'm worried that the 120 will be too large when added to the mount. I'm using the SLT mount that comes with the Mak. Will there be any issues with regards to weight on the SLT? I can appreciate the light gathering abilities between the two but is there that noticeable a difference? Thanks
  12. Stupid question time. I'm just messing around capturing jupiter/saturn with my 127 but every time I try and capture orion, I cannot see an image on the laptop. Even if I put the gain up full, I cant see anything so no idea if I'm in focus at all.... How do you get round this?
  13. I don't know if this guy is on the wind up...
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