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    Brand new to astronomy. Just bought a Celestron 114 mm reflector to get started. Next will be a Zhumell 10 inch Dob.
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  1. I found it the other night by star hopping off Pegasus after looking at Stellarium. I was using a 10 inch dob and I was quite excited when I found it! The color was right and it was clearly not a star and of course right where it was supposed to be. I could not find Neptune though even after many tries................oh well. next time maybe.
  2. Looked at it last night while watching the lunar eclipse. I just got a 10 inch dob, my only view before that was my 4.5 inch reflector. Wow I was blown away, quite a site. I just ordered an oxygen !!! filter, can't wait to see it with that! But yeah going out at 4:00 am is a bit rough....................
  3. Recently we were in vacation in northern MIchigan along the lake. Went for a walk one night and just a block down the beach I see an observatory! Sign on the door says public welcome at ten oclock, admission three dollars! Of coures a couple hours later I was there with my three bucks in hand.................. We looked at M13 and it was amazing. This was a 14" Celestron SCT. The skies here were inky dark, the Milky Way was thick. Also saw the Ring Nebula, Saturn and a few other things. Not a bad thing to stumble on walking down the beach.
  4. Great! Welcome, lots of great folks and info on here. What do you plan to buy?
  5. I also have a 4.5, can see quite a bit with it. Also love the Grateful Dead! Welcome to the lounge. Gary
  6. Try M13 the great cluster in Hercules. M92 is also nearby once you find this.
  7. Welcome from Minnesota! Another stateside stargazer. Lots of helpful folks on here. Gary
  8. I finally found them! I took a drive the other night about twenty five miles east to darker skies. Set up in a farmers field off a country road with no cars. After looking at a bunch of other things I decided to give them a try again. After awhile of still not finding them I was slowly scanning the area and suddenly there they were! Faint fuzzies for sure in this scope but I was so excited to finally see them. I think the darker sky made all the difference. I have not yet tried to find them again back home but will soon. On to other fuzzies! Gary
  9. Thanks, I will keep on looking. A 32mm eyepiece sounds like a good idea. My red dot finder although a cheap stock piece actually works pretty well. I have gotten good at using it. I may drive out to darker skies some night and see what that does. I hope to buy a 10 inch dob this summer but cash flow will not allow that at the moment. Unfortunately things like broken washing machines come first................................
  10. I currently use a 114mm and am planning to get a tench inch dob soon. Sounds like cost is not a big factor, go for the ten inch.
  11. Hello All, I am using a 114mm Celestron reflector. I have been unable to find M81 and M82. I know right where to look but after many attempts I cannot see anything. My skies are medium dark, so I think I should be okay there. So is my scope to small to see these? I have a 8x to 24x zoom and of course start at 24 to find things. Any advice? Gary
  12. I would buy ten inch unless price is a huge concern. I am about to buy a zhumell z10, great reviews and very affordable. Telescopes.com sells them. Images will be brighter and dark sky objects more accessible with a ten inch. Either way though you will have a blast, so much to see out there!
  13. Welcome, I started last fall and can't get enough. It is so fun to learn where things are in the sky. When you realize what your looking at it is even more amazing! You can get all your questions answered on here, very helpful site. Things can be tricky at first but you will get better at using your gear. It is all worth it.
  14. Without a doubt buy a Dob! Maybe look for a used one, people get aperture fever (like me) and want to get a bigger scope. Might be able to find a six inch in your price range. The bigger the mirror the better the views! I plan to go from a 4.5 inch to a 12 inch this summer. Can't wait.
  15. I have a Zhumell 8x -24x and I really like it. I don't have much to compare it with since I am new but it works great. Focusing at 8x depending on seeing conditions is a bit tough. The images are not perfectly clear at the the edges. But for ease of use this thing is quite nice. It is way better than my Celestron stock eyepieces that came with my scope. It seems to be very well made, quite heavy and turns smoothly. Zhumell products I hear are not available in the UK I hear. For us in the States they are great. Their telescopes get incrdedible views, I plan to buy their 12 inch dob this summ
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