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  1. yes i have this setting on! ill try it off, thanks.
  2. great advice, i have decided to stick with the dslr, think i will wait for a better ccd and filters rather than a cheep trade off, i just spent the money on a QHYL-11, i went for the so i have a good guide camera and can start to image planets without the filters. its hard not to dive in to deep.
  3. hi, thanks soooo much for that just spoke with andy and he is is sure its the video grabber for the guide camera taking all the bandwidth causing the dslr to crash out, such a nice guy too, thanks.
  4. yeah u guess, as apposed to my dslr which as a rule seems to take twice as long to come through as the sub, so a 5 min sub takes about 10-15 mins to come in.
  5. hey thanks some great advice there, i have found a second hand ccd one shot but not sure how good it will be, its a ATIK 16HRC PELTIER the price is £280, the problem is its usb 1 and dose not have set point cooling so its either on or off, would this be a great problem or do you think its good value for money, thanks in advance.
  6. hi yeah thanks for reply its a cannon 1000d unmodded, and seems to randomly disconnect from the usb during image download to apt, had the same problem on maxim dl, just got a new powered hub and same problem, it seems fine indoors under test but outside it just has issues, it must be the cold weather as nothing else disconnects from the hub, i tried wrapping a wooly hat round with no luck. im running out of ideas as fault finding has come to an end. thanks for the recommendations of ccds im going to look in to them now.
  7. well could prob stretch to about £300 at a push, just want to cut down on set up time and download time, i just seem to have endless problems with my DSLR, maybe ill try to to sus out the connection probs
  8. hello chaps and chapesses, i have been imaging with an f4 newt and dslr for about a year now and its been a serious learning curve. i have now decided that dslr imaging is sooooo much work although results are good. i am thinking of going down the route of ccd cameras but this is uncommon ground to me. i basically want a camera that will take as good d.s.o. pics as the cannon dslr and was wondering if someone could give me some advice as what to start with. i would like a colour camera as opposed to mono (i think) and as usual money is a problem so good value is a must. i'm all booked up for kelling star party and having issues with my dslr dropping communication, im sure this is due to the cold as seems ok indoors, but either way i need to get imaging again before the end of the month. any help would be greatly received.
  9. hey guys i have a problem and was hopeing someone could help. a few months ago i bought an neq6 mount the first few goes i had no problem with the goto or alignment, now during setup all the stars are way off the center, the mount is spot on to polaris but just wont align properly. this has all happened since a friend of mine adjusted the worm screws to make the gears more smooth, would this have caused a problem?
  10. ok thanks i did look through all the hanset modes ill have another look, dont think its been upgraded for a year
  11. hi chaps, simple question, now setting up but need to turn down the red light in the polar scope as its flooding polaris out, my friends is not this bright?? confused.com!
  12. just getting my head around them, dark's and flats and bios shots to load into the stacking software to help obtain a better picture.
  13. you must be relay pleased with M33, i know i would be, infact that's my next target, ill do the same subs and hopefully should get the same results, just need these dam clouds to clear oh by the way did you use any calibration shots?
  14. thanks for the advice, i will avoid. maybe lx200 10" and a few more penny's.
  15. hi stupid me its not lx90 its LX10 i have been watching, same description as above
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