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  1. Thanks for the tips. Nice to know my eyes will get used to that glare but I'm still going to look into picking up a variable polarizing filter.
  2. More moon filters or just any filter? I have a four piece Celestron filter set but I haven't read up on when I should be using them yet.
  3. Looked at the moon with my etx-125 for the first time tonight. Amazing. I think I may get some maps of the moon and start targeting specific spots if it doesn't blind me. I had a moon filter on my lenses but it was still very bright. First I was using a 26mm then went to a 17mm and that was enough. Eventually went back to the 26mm. Do I just need to get a better moon filter for future viewing?
  4. astrowatt

    hello all

    No, I live in Fulton County. I am a Detroit Tigers fan, been listening to Tiger games on 96.1 out of Archbold for many years.
  5. The last few times I have went to that site firefox crashed. This was happening on both laptops and it wasn't a problem when visiting any other site. I will be not be visiting that site again anytime soon.
  6. astrowatt

    hello all

    New to this forum and relatively new to astronomy. I have a Meade etx-125 it is my first telescope and I wouldn't describe it as user friendly but I have it figured out now. Now that I actually know how to use my telescope I'm looking forward to the cold weather and the clear sky that comes with it. Before buying the telescope I bought Celestron 15 x 70 binoculars for learning/viewing the night skies. I still have a lot to learn so I'll probably be here asking questions on occasion. Mike
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