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  1. Apologies for the late reply. I've been loading the file into Photoshop, running the filter and then making adjustments. When using the filter I had been selecting medium aggression (off the top of my head) and then making other adjustments such as curves and levels. James
  2. I'm currently running the evaluation version of the Gradient Exterminator plug-in, it's very good (thanks for the pointer!). However, it appears to remove all colour from the image and I'm unable to increase / decrease contrast levels or carry out any further processing. I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong but it's really frustrating me; I realise this is probably a pilot error but have you any tips? Thanks, James
  3. Thanks all, I've got a busy few days ahead but I'll be sure to give your suggestions a go! Many thanks and merry Christmas!
  4. Hello, I shot the following image back last week on a clear night in not a particularly dark area. However, the light pollution is particularly bad at the bottom of the photo. It is a stacked shot of 90 lights and 10 darks. I've attempted to remove it by adjusting the different colours for low, mid and high tones but now I'm at a dead end. Is there anyway I can remove it to an acceptable level? Photo... Orion Attempt One by vtrjames88, on Flickr Any help would be hugely appreciated! Thanks, James
  5. Hi Tim, I've replied inline to your questions. Hope that helps a little bit. James
  6. I'll keep that in mind. Will definitely pay it a visit one clear night. Thanks, James
  7. Evening All, After sixteen months of reading, planning, shooting and failing, I'm pleased to have caught the elusive Milky Way on camera. Numerous times I've driven into the Brecon Beacons where the Met Office has forecast clear skies, only to be met with clouds. I went out last weekend - to what I thought was a dark area - and ended up bringing home more light pollution than sky; I was ready to pack in photographing the Milky Way. Last night, clear skies had been forecast. Every half an hour I checked the weather for changes; nothing. I knew the moon was rising for 2256 so I knew I had only a
  8. Please can somebody edit the title for me so that it reads "Imaging The Milky Way". James
  9. Hello all, I'm a bit wet behind the ears when it comes to imaging stars and the Milky Way and as such I've been doing quite a bit of reading around about the subject. I recently posted on another forum (non-astro related) about the best time for imaging the Milky Way. To cut a long story short, my understanding was the best time to see the Milky Way in the northern hemisphere was around mid June. However, the reply stated that, infact, the best time to see it would be earlier on in the year which in turn has left me a little confused. I'm fairly close to Craig Y Nos which is a dark sky site an
  10. Strawburry, nobody is attacking your method. Infact people are trying to help. With a forum, you can't expect a thread to stay on topic for it's whole life. You've posed a question, there have been questions asked for others to help you. What Steppenwolf is saying above is absolutely right and what people have been trying to do is helpfully point you in the direction of tried and tested methods and even offered to help you with what could be an answer where registax is concerned. If however, you do not want to receive such answers then I would question why you're posting on a forum. People ar
  11. Without an understanding of the hardware your using (not software), it'll be difficult to formulate a tailored response.
  12. I was wondering what caused that. I've focused to infinity and found the lens is at its best right at the stop compared with backing it off a little. I'll experiment again before going out next time. I'll also try stopping it down a touch too. James
  13. I had thought about stopping the lens down but then again, I was under the impression that the wider, the better. Next time I'll stop it down to f/2.8 and drop the exposure time significantly. James
  14. It definitely sounds like a plan of action. Having taken the time to set up and get everything in order in the first place, to fall at the final hurdle by not carrying out such an easy fix is a bit daft when thinking about it. James
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