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  1. Hello, Wow, thanks for all the warm welcomes! Yes, the beauty of the West Coast does help to make up for the weather. And yes, our little island was host to a 'foot'. (Three right feet in running shoes were found a few years ago, over a period of six months, washed up onto the shores of local lslands.) As far as I know, there was a lot of speculation but not many conconvincing theories of their origins. Perhaps they belonged to fisherman who over extened themselves. (Yes, the Pacific wild Salmon is almost to die for...) I haven't explored the VA forum but I will soon. Karl, I see you
  2. Hello, I thought I had better introduce myself as I expect to spend a lot of starless nights exploring this forum. Living on a small island between Vancouver and Vancouver Island, in the 'Salish Sea', there are innumerably more cloudy than clear nights. Despite the low odds of using my telescope here, I have had an passion for astronomy since childhood. Looking at the stars, for me, is a profound 'reality check' - no scope needed - to quickly remind me of the grandeur and beauty of life. (Oops, I had better stop there, as it might be construed as a religious comment!) I have always enj
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