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  1. Thank you very much Robert. M51 was nice but that was post processed and captured with a Mallincam Sky Raider DS 2.3+ CMOS camera. I am sure that the Infinity would also make a nice imaging camera also and will try it out one night. Clear skies, Chris A
  2. Thank you very much Shirva. These cameras are a lot of fun, easy to use and can produce stunning results on the fly. Cheers, Chris A
  3. Thank you Chris for having a look and the kind words. M51 was nice but that was post processed and captured with a Mallincam Sky Raider DS 2.3+ CMOS camera. I am very sure that Atik Infinity could obtain a similar image under the same circumstances. Cheers, Chris A
  4. Hi Group, I just bought two new Atik Infinity cameras both color and mono. I have been using them both on my VRC10" @ f/4.3 and Canon 100 mm macro f/2.8 lens. Here is a link to my Flickr account showing several images along with full details. Just use the arrows to flip from one image to another.These cameras are so easy to use and a lot of fun. Captured live on NSN.com as is with no post processing. Thank you in advance and hope you like them. Cheers, Chris A
  5. Okay unbinned thank you very much and once again terrific images. Chris
  6. These are some fantastic capture images at such short durations. Were you binned at 2 x 2 or unbinned? Cheers, Chris A
  7. Okay f/5 thanks Karl. Keep having fun with your new Infinity. Clear skies, Chris
  8. Hi Karl, Wow what a very nice set of deep sky images captured with this amazing set-up. The detail, colour and contrast is very nice. What focal ratio are you at with the SCT 11" Karl please? I am very much looking forward to using my new Atik Infinity when everything is straightened out. Cheers, Chris A
  9. I would say that the Atik Infinity software was developed for deep sky objects mainly and it's stacking feature does a star registration. Since there are no stars when viewing the planets or moon, how can you expect it stack? I am not sure why you would need to stack a planet for live observing unless you are trying to combat the seeing conditions. If this is so, the software would have to incorporate an overlay method of stacking for planets & the moon. The Atik Infinity camera would make an okay camera for occasional planet and lunar observing but if this is your main interest then I would suggest using a dedicated camera for this type of purpose since you really want those pixels to be smaller for higher resolution and most importantly a faster frame rate. Chris A
  10. Jim, I have not used my Infinity camera as of yet but from what I have seen so far it seems very good with excellent software! Chris A
  11. Hi Karl I have my Atik Infinity now but it has been cloudy ever since I have received it like it always does. I have played with the Infinity software and must say that it works terrific and is very user friendly for everyone. I did notice prior to my initial comment that you had stacking on but still being able to use 5 sec sub exposures at f/10 is a very good sign that this camera is very sensitive and the read noise is not too bad. I really am impressed with your 1st light using a new camera and software and you should be very proud. Keep up the good work, please post some more images and most importantly have fun. Cheers, Chris A
  12. Also keep in mind though that both objects M13 & M57 are not faint DSO's and that helps with the S/N Chris
  13. Yes Don thank you I saw that in the software, but still for only 5 sec sub-images the signal to noise ratio is good therefore allowing such a short exposure @ f/10 to work with multiple stacked subs. Chris
  14. Hi Robert and Sapcedout (Carl?) In the Atik Infinity software there is an advanced option feature that lets you alter your histogram reading one is "Log" which is a logarithmic scale for non-linear stretching in both x & y axis and "Normal" which is a linear stretching in both x & y axis. The "Log" method starts by default, so I would say you have it set to non-linear. Both images are very nice and for a slow focal ratio esp. f/10 the Infinity seems to be really sensitive with only 5 seconds for M57. Chris A Astrogate
  15. Don, It sounds like the new software has come along way which is great. Since you use a Hyperstar I would definately go the route of a higher resolution sensor like the ICX694 or maybe even the ICX814 and you can always bin at 2 x 2 if you need more sensitivity at some resolution loss. No I do not use a Hyperstar Don. I am using an RC 10" scope that will produce a flat FOV with the 11.2 mm CCD sensor at f/3.7 which will be fast enough to make most of my DSO's in 45 seconds or less under good transparency. I will post some results on this forum and thanks again! Cheers, Chris
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