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  1. yea i need to get a tracker first Astrotrac or something before i do that just playing about with camera setting and all
  2. hiya i just ordered the book everyone raves about im soo excited to get it, but there is a question that is bugging me and i really dont know what it means i hear people talking about dark and light images please can someone explain this to me kind regards Ash
  3. Ok im buying it i have not seen on bad review at all not no were on the internet on AP some are saying its the perfect camera for begginer and also intermidiate as such thank alot guys made my decision much more easier
  4. Thanks mate im seriously thinking of getting this 1100D for sure actually looking at one today but im just hanging on incase theres a better model out there my main aim is to DSA nebula,andromeda etc for my wide view Milky way and all ill use my pentax K7 thanks for ur insight appreciate it
  5. Hiya all, i currently use a pentax K7 and cone to realise its gash for AP. Im looking at buying a buce shiny new HEQ5 with some tracker system on it, my time so far studying equiptment etc i see almost everyone uses a Cannon of some description i saw a nice EOS 1100D is that any good ?? I mean for over all long exposures etc etc ? Can anyone shed any light on this matter please i would very much appreciate it
  6. here i attached my first ever image of a random group of stars i saw through a gap in the clouds very high LP Pentax K-7 18-55mm ISO 800 F/5.6 30 second exposure we all have to start somewere no lol
  7. hiya thank you for your response i have a pentax K-7 but i am looking into getting a Cannon EOS 1100D hope this combo works lol
  8. dont everything mate ? this way i believe i get best of all worlds yea ts not very portable but it will do the job maybe im rushing into a bit but im not spending the next 6 months trying to find out what is good and not for what i want someone told me u gta figure out what u want and try different things
  9. ohh sweet well im kinda making a decision right now i tought about my son too he wont get much joy from just taking images so ive gone for the more faffy option and im getting this http://www.bristolcameras.co.uk/p-skywatcher-explorer-200p-heq5-syntrek-.htm#Images there fore me and my son have something to do and i get to take images at the same time as i can attach my DSLR directly to the telescope im now also thinking of getting the astrotrac and all i need to get set up with that too so i can run 2 cameras at the same time more images thanks for all your replis u dont know how much it me
  10. yea thats my issue view finder is gash and cant see a damn thing but i have made a decision now and im not changing my mind im geting this as soon as i can http://www.bristolcameras.co.uk/p-skywatcher-explorer-200p-heq5-syntrek-.htm#Images with this not only can i use it as a telescope i can attach my DSLR directly to it so problem solved !!! happy me !!!
  11. Will this track as im taking images ? or is there another extra i need ? this is too very good i hear for AP as u can mount the camera directly to it http://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-200p-eq5.html
  12. hi thanks fpr ypur reply im not 100 % gna take images of andromeda but id likr to for sure i mainy want a decent mount and scope etc to get started with i hear the HEQ5 200p is what i need ? i dont really know what that is to be honest apart from a telescope on a mount that tracks ? yes ideally i need this equiptment also i would need the attachements for my camera with regret i have found naff all so i may need to buy a new camera just to even get started with so in a nut shell i have come up with the 200p heq5 and a new camera right back to square one again still no clue where and what direc
  13. hiya im just using a basic tripod to put my DSLR onto my theory is learn the basics with standard tripod and go from there id rather not get into the telescope and attaching my dslr to it i really wanna just take images using my dslr
  14. That is the exact one i saw thank you so much u guys on here are awesome !!!
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