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  1. SHARKuk

    Just starting.

    Welcome to the forums Cushes
  2. For anyone new dont let this list put you off, you dont need all the items Russe has listed to start astrophotography. The list he has is something you will just naturally work upto and not items you need to rush out and buy to start takeing good pictures. Russe already stated this is his view and that is fine of course, if your going to start taking photos dont worry about going out and spending £1500 right away as it's not needed to start. Last year I left my lifetime love hobby of video gaming, dont hate me hehe.. In my search for a new hobby I decided to give Photography a go, after reading a few things I decided I wanted to focus on Macro photography. I was told before I even bought anything I would be looking at around £1500 to £2000 layout to do this type of photography, I bought £250's worth of kit which included a second hand Canon 450D and set out. Although I was totally new to photography and have never (apart from the ones set in mobile phones) owned a camera took some pretty good macro shots. Obviously they where bottom of the scale but I was up and running for a fraction of the price. Thanks for the list Russe .. THIS IS NOT me trying to cause any trouble I really value your opinion I just think that people well into a hobby sometimes forget how they started out. I would really love to see the bare minimum items list you had when you and other memebers started out with. Daz ..
  3. Thanks alot for doing this it really helped alot in what I should expect. Daz.
  4. Welcome to the forums Ben Daz.
  5. Hi and welcome to the forums ... As a new to the forums and astronomer myself I can totally relate to your situation, when I first saw Saturn through my cousins scope I was expecting everything in HD lol .. When the little white ball with black dots and lines around it came into view I felt robbed. Like others have already said dont expect magazine or internet images through your scope and just think of how far the object is, if you could see America with your scope you would be amazed, the planets are many many times further away than America and you can see them live. There are plenty of great helpful videos on the tube on setting up and using your scope, after less than one hour I could balance my scope up with ease and once the stars where out roughly align it for viewing and I never looked back. Daz.
  6. Thanks for that Kerry .. I must admit I did chuckle at the name but even just browsing have seen some I really like. I will shoot off an email to him thanks again. I also have just realised I said I dont have a star map in my last post.. I do actually have Stellarium on my pc . Daz..
  7. Let me first start by saying great thread and posts all .. As a total newbie to astronomy I currently have no idea about the night sky and where anything other than the Sun/Moon are. Until I joined this forum I didn't even know what a star chart was and as I write this do not own one. I will be buying one asap after reading the very helpful threads on the SGL site, I also find that the scope I have has terrible knobs for adjusting whilst viewing. They are like slippery bullets and having larger than normal hands doesnt help. At the moment I do not own a GOTO system but was going to buy one in the next 4-6 weeks to help me mainly in the tracking part of the process. I have only used my scope three times since I bought it and still get the WOW moment when looking through it, however after a few adjustments and having to break the view to unlock the knobs it starts to bother me. I would love to trackdown the objects myself but once found would like the scope to then keep the item in view so I can just enjoy it. I have really enjoyed reading the thread and like most think its down to personal choice and circumstances. Question - Can you buy replacement knobs for the scope ? If the end of the knob had something like a wingnut end I wouldnt have to then take my eyes off the subject to adjust it. Thanks.. Daz
  8. Those are both really good shots with great detials.. I love the second one the most as it looks like your actually orbiting the Moon, thanks for shareing Mike. Daz.
  9. Really great shot that Luke, I carn't see any joins at all even when viewing the bigger image. Still being an utter newb I don't yet understand what your doing to get that picture but I think it's great. I only hope that once I get around to photography myself I can get results like this. Please keep up the good work . Daz
  10. Welcome to the forums Shaun . Daz
  11. SHARKuk

    hello all

    Hello Mike and welcome to the forums . Daz
  12. SHARKuk

    Hello! :)

    Welcome to the forums James Daz.
  13. Hi Dave and welcome to the forums Daz.
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