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  1. We had an event during the Star Gazing Live week at Sunderland Astronomical Society (SAS). We were asked to take our kit as they expected a large number of people at the event. There were a lot of us set up our kit and even so everyone had queues of people waiting to look through the scopes and ask questions. I'll never forget the wonder and awe they showed when they looked through my modest scope and saw the craters on the Moon. People of all ages and backgrounds were there. It was marvellous what that TV show did to promote the hobby and interest.
  2. Me too. So much so that I have changed my TV package to Sky and upgraded to Nat Geo Channel. The bonus being "Game of Thrones" on Sky Atlantic. Getting it installed tomorrow so I am one happy bunny.
  3. Hi Louise I have the same issue with my T-ring. The T-adapter just swings around although I have tried to tighten it. It doesn't seem to present any problems when I'm imaging though, so I'm just sticking with it for now.
  4. Thanks for sharing your night of observation. Still being a relative newbie I like the idea of knowing where clusters and nearby Galaxies are as it gives me something else to aim for.
  5. Rik, thanks for that thought. I did check the serial no. on the box and it matched the CCD. Phew!! Still working on it though. I have just started looking at debayering, but with the lovely clear night last night I decided to take more images using the different settings for the camera to see if that made any difference. Today, I will carry on with debayering. If anyone else has any useful tips or links I would appreciate any help. p.s. Sorry xtcdean for using this link I should have posted my own thread.
  6. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL from me. These images are quite good. Well done.
  7. Hi Louise Many thanks for the link, I think it will solve my problem. I didn't know you had to do debayering on colour images as I havn't gotten to that part of image processing - I thought that was something to do with mono images. Hopefully, when I have the settings and processing right I will achieve a good OSC image. Regards Brenda
  8. I have downloaded the stacked images to PS and it was coming up Grayscale even though I had taken them in colour. The only solution I thought was to convert it to colour in Maxim DL, but that still didn't work. I havn't had a chance to look at it today, but I'm working on it now so hopefully I will find a solution. I just hope they havn't packed a mono camera in a colour box lol.
  9. Hats off to you. Not only getting lost in a forest and having the perseverance to still up your kit, but putting it in a field of horses. Having kept horses for many years, I can tell you that you were probably in more danger in the field lol. Images are great by the way.
  10. Hi from a DSLR to CCD user. I choose the Atik Titan OSC for the same reasons you have outlined - cost and ease of use. I have imaged M51 with both and I can't get over the size of the image in the Titan - about 4 times the size of the DSLR. Even using my Barlow with my Canon I couldn't get results like this. The only problem I'm having at the moment is it seems to be shooting in mono, even though I select Colour through Artemis - the package that comes with Atik CCD's. I have resorted to copying my stacked image with 3 different file names M51 r, b, g and bringing them into the channels file. The colour is there as when I turn off a channel I am seeing colour, but when all 3 channels are showing I am only seeing a mono image. I am trying to work through this problem using tutorials as I'm sure I'm missing something which is causing the problem. Other than that I can highly recommend CCD imaging, and in particular Atik. Good luck and I hope this helps.
  11. Lovely image and a new target methinks.
  12. Hi Iain and a nice set of images from another fan of DSO objects. If you have PS you can get Astronomy Tools Actions and it will get rid of the vignetting amongst other actions in the package.
  13. Hi Andy and a warm welcome to SGL from another imager. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro Journey.
  14. Beautiful images and well worth the trip to dark sites. I saw and photographed it over the North Sea - wonderful and unexpected.
  15. Absolutely beautiful. I was setting up my kit last night and saw the start of it and grabbed my DSLR. I havn't downloaded them yet, but the Aurora was straight out over the North Sea - it was a lovely surprise and a bonus to the nights work.
  16. The Polar scope is one the hardest things to get right when you first start. The post Tonys and m37 are extremely important if you want to combat drift alignment - i.e. using Stellarium or CdC can quickly get out of sync if you don't centre the reticule. Also useful to know is the position of Polaris on Polar scope circle. You will easily find this by using PolarFinder, which is an app for a Smart Phone.
  17. Hi Ron and a warm welcome to SGL from a fellow Photographer turned Astro Photographer. Yes, it is a very steep learning curve, but worth the effort for the results you can get. Being able to turn a grey smudge, which is what you see, enhance the detail and turn it into a permanent image gives you a fantastic sense of achievement. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
  18. Another lovely picture from you. I think you will have to give us some of your tips on imaging. Well done
  19. Sandancer10

    Hi to all at SGL

    Hi and a warm welcome to SGL. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
  20. Lovely images, in particular I like the B&W image. Well done and enjoy your Astro Journey.
  21. Sandancer10


    Hi Dianna and a warm welcome to SGL. Pleased to hear you have your scope already so Happy Stargazing.
  22. Hi Wullie and a warm welcome to SGL. Good to hear you have already been getting advice from the forum - it's a font of knowledge on here for all things Astro. Happy Stargazing.
  23. Sandancer10


    Hi and a warm welcome to SGL from me.
  24. It puts a very different perspective on what we see through a scope - especially the 3D effect.
  25. Hi Ewan, that's a really nice image with no noise - is that due to the Ha filter? I bought one last week but I havn't had a chance to try it out. I was surprised at how long your exposure time is. How many subs have you taken so far?
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