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  1. Yes, you will be surprised just how quickly you can out grow some kit so keeping an eye on where you want your hobby to take you in 6 or 12 months is important. I bought my setup listed in my signature 7 months ago after doing a lot of research on what I needed for AP. At first I selected Alt Az mount and fortunately realised in time it would not be useful for my needs (as I am interested in DSO's) and thankfully I didn't go ahead with my purchase. It's good that you can upgrade the Sirius later - I didn't realise it was a Goto.
  2. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL from me. Regarding the wife. The first thing you should know is that on SGL we have a floating exchange rate for the 'Wife currency' as opposed to 'real World currency'. It can fluctuate considerably depending on what kit you are buying and how easy going she is as to how much you are actually spending. Thought you might appreciate the heads up. Just kidding really as I've read quite a few amusing threads on here on this very subject. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
  3. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL. You seem as if you have a nice dark site there and that's always a plus. Regarding your choice of kit, I can only advise on AP as I don't really do much observation. I do know though that if you want to do AP at some point you will need an equatorial mount. For long shutter speeds (imaging DSO) you will also need a goto mount which can track objects without star trails. For Planetary work you can manage with a much faster shutter speed so it's not necessary to go to the expense of a computerised mount. The problem is you really need to decide what you want to achieve and, if possible, future proof it so you don't have to replace kit within a relatively short space of time. The cost of AP set up can be much more expensive, so again it depends on your budget. The best advice I can give is to take some time and look a different setups and see what will suit you most. Good luck and Happy Stargazing.
  4. Hi Lee and a warm welcome to SGL. Good to see you are getting your first scope and the Sky Prodigy is a good start for a goto mount - I know I considered getting one as my first goto. Things are a lot more complicated with a standard goto as the setting up can take quite some time to get used to - so at least you have by-passed that one. I hope you enjoy your new kit and Happy Stargazing.
  5. Really beautiful image, well done. I've looked at Startools tutorial and it seems an excellent package - now, where did I put my checkbook
  6. Sorry I was replying to another post about M101.
  7. Thanks for that, yes it pretty much looks like that using SW 150PDS and Atik Titan. Just need to get my back into the processing lol. The trouble is I take a lot of images and don't get time to process them
  8. Hi Mitch and a warm welcome to SGL. I travelled across Texas in a Greyhound bus and I only remember it being flat and the nights being dark, but you most be close to a big town there. You can get a LP filter so that might help cut down on the light pollution. Happy Stargazing.
  9. Sandancer10


    HI, and a warm welcome to SGL from me.
  10. Sandancer10

    New Member

    Hi Bruce and a warm welcome to SGL. It's amazing what you can see through a 6" scope, so enjoy. Happy Stargazing.
  11. Hi Mick, nice image and one I have been working on for a little while. I took mine with my CCD camera and it's quite big in the frame, but I need to bring more detail as your image above shows. Well done.
  12. A beautiful image Werner. Nice to see 4 Galaxies in one shot. Well done.
  13. Congrats on getting your new scope - tomorrow will be a busy day Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
  14. I really like the last image too. Well done.
  15. Fabulous image Dave. It gives me so much inspiration to see images that look like they are taken by the Hubble, but are by ordinary, interested and committed members. Well done.
  16. Hi Peter and a warm welcome to SGL. Happy Stargazing and I hope you both enjoy your Astro journey.
  17. Hi Steve, you balance your scope before doing the alignment. I usually do it pretty early on in the setup, and a test one even before Polar Alignment. Your images are okay and normally about where most people start, as it's a very steep learning curve. Try using ISO 800 and keeping your images to about 30 secs - that way you will find your images should have less movement showing (blur). Once you have mastered tracking you will be able to take longer images.
  18. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL. If you are using a Canon you need to download from your starter disc, EOS. This manages the photographic routines (which can be automated) and can give you live view via a laptop or PC. You will also need a T-ring and T-adapter to attach your DSLR to the scope - take the lens off and then put the adapter straight onto the camera body. Good luck and Happy Stargazing.
  19. Hi Malcolm and a warm welcome to SGL. A very nice intro and good to know you share your hobby with your Son. Happy Stargazing.
  20. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL from another photographer turned Astro Photographer. Well, unfortunately I'm a member of the EQ club so I can't advise on any other mount, but I think someone on here will be able to help. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
  21. Sara, you've done it again. Top notch image with loads of detail in the arms. I wish my AP/imaging skills were up to this standard. Well done.
  22. I enjoyed it, but thought the live fly by was tonight. Now I know it's on again tomorrow night with "Houston we have a problem" showing tech problems they get I'll be glued to it. Also looking forward to the fly by on Sunday.
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