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  1. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL from me. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
  2. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL from me. Good to hear you have your kit already - and yes it is an expensive hobby, but well worth it. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
  3. Hi and well done with your first DSO. If you have the EOS disc that normally comes with a Canon DSLR you can setup an auto firing sequence for your imaging run. It's very useful, easy to setup and you can watch as the images come in on your computer.
  4. Wonderful image and such a wow factor, shows what is really out there. Well done.
  5. I use a SW 7ah power pack for my kit, but I think you will need a 17ah if your mount is a goto. I have also seen other posts on here where people recommend Maplins, as they have a range of power packs.
  6. Sandancer10

    Hello World

    Hi and welcome to SGL from me. Happy Stargazing through whichever scope you choose - it will be awsome.
  7. Hi Werner and a warm welcome to SGL. Happy Stargazing with your new scope.
  8. Hi Paddy and a warm welcome to SGL. I know what you mean about Stellarium, I noticed that it doesn't seem to be as precise as CdC. The only problem I have with CdC is that I have to turn over control of the handset to EQMOD and it seems to lose my alignment during the changeover. I did try starting EQMOD first (which it says of course "can't find telescope") and putting the tracking on, but still seems to cause problems with drift. I wonder if you have any advice on the best way to setup the different softwares.
  9. Hi Matt, I've been reading your thread and can only give you advice on my kit, which is a 600D. I find that it does very well with both Planetary and DSO objects, although for the latter you will need an equatorial mount. When I bought my kit it was with the sole purpose of AP so I did a lot of research and thank God I got it right first time. I was lucky in the fact that I already had the 600D and used it for normal Phtography before I came to Astro Photography. The only advice I would really give you is to try and future proof your kit, as this is an expensive hobby and you really don't need to have it cost you more than you need to by not getting your purchase right in the first place. Take your time and do more research if you need to. Best of luck and Happy Stargazing.
  10. Thanks for the heads up on guide alignment with a main scope. I am still waiting for a clear night to test my kit out - but no doubt once I do, I probably would have been asking the same question
  11. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL from me. You will find people on here are very helpful and it doesn't matter what you need to ask, someone will already have been there and be able to help. You will find a free download called Stellarium is invaluable in getting to know the night sky. Also if you have a smart phone, download Google sky as this gives you real time position of the planets and stars by just holding the phone up. You can also indentify anything you might be interested in. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
  12. Getting new kit - and learning to use it. I have just bought a ST80 and I'm about to embark on the 'Learning how to Autoguide the Scope Voyage' - which I know will probably not be easy..... Sometimes I spend that long setting stuff up that you can bet on it the cloud will roll over
  13. Well done. I think the clouds add to the image as it gives the feeling of time exposure - something different and worthwhile imaging.
  14. Very nice image, I particulary like the 2nd one. Well done.
  15. Hi Madge and welcome to SGL. Great to hear you already are getting into Astro with your new scope. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey
  16. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL. Good to hear you have progressed to a nice sized scope and it sounds like you have already had a good first outing. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro Journey.
  17. Well we will be in a few billion years when we collide....
  18. UNBELIEVABLE................The most detailed thing I have ever seen - I doubt the Hubble Team could do better. Well done Jonas.
  19. Well it seems like a long time in the making, but you have captured it beautifully. I love all the detail in the spiral arms, well done.
  20. Hi Myers, and a warm welcome to SGL. Happy Stargazing.
  21. Well setting up this webcam has been a nightmare, but I have finally succeeded - at a cost. When I downloaded the driver 6 days ago I got a virus in my laptop and it's played havoc with my settings. It lost my wifi driver and stuffed just about everything up. In the end, with the help of a IT literate friend, I had to completely re-boot the laptop. The outcome of course is all of my programs need to be re-installed, about 20 in all. However Jasper, (IT guy) advised that when I reload everything I can make a mirror image of windows (including all the uploaded programs) and if anything happens again I just need to load it all from an external hardrive - "simple" as our Meerkat friend would say. p.s. The SNC900 does work with Windows 8, but I'm not messing around with 8.1, I'm just happy I got it to work.
  22. Hmm, not really any good as a 'grab and go' though
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