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  1. Well a giant leap for me last night when I joined the Sunderland Astronomical Society. The members there were so helpful I finally managed to learn how to Polar Align the scope and saw M31, M13 and the Moon - it was wonderful. I would like to thank those at SAS who made the night so memorable with many more to come. Next up sorting out Stellarium to work with the scope - I've read that can be quite difficult, but nothing ventured nothing gained.
  2. It's fantastic. I am a complete novice, but to think that at some point I can hopefully aspire to images such as these is an inspiration.
  3. Thanks for that Kal I managed to focus the camera using the distant church steeple and to do test shots as well. All we need now is a clear night to check it all out. Going to my first local astronomy club meeting tonight, so I'm looking forward to meeting and learning from the people there.
  4. Well Guys I am soooo chuffed that yesterday I managed to setup my DSLR to my PC to remotely control it. It was wonderful to operate the camera from the computer keyboard and to see the live image on the PC screen. Even down to operating all of the settings on the camera, all now I'm able to do with the computer. I have ordered a 5mtr USB cable so I can sit in the warmth of the house and remotely operate the telescope and camera, once all the other cables for the telescope arrive. T-adapter and T-ring have just arrived for the camera and now all I need to do is to figure out how to focus it using the telescope as a lens. Help!!
  5. Hi , I was wondering if you have your telescope the right way round on the mount - just with you saying it was pointing to the opposite way. The eye piece should be above the counter weights with the mirror end towards the back of the mount. Hope this helps
  6. Can anyone tell me the best portable power supply for an SW eq5 pro. I have read the 17ah is quite heavy - would the 7ah be enough for a few hours viewing. Or is there an equivalent or something better that I can buy? Brenda
  7. Welcome to SGL from another newbie
  8. Sandancer10

    Hello SGL

    Hi George and welcome from another newbie.
  9. Hi Guys Thanks for all your help. I'm using a skyscan eq5 Pro mount and I don't think I had the 60deg separation necessary to align the scope so I will make sure I pick the right stars next time. Many thanks Brown Dwarf for your advice about Polar alignment. When I got the scope and mount I thought how can you align the Pole star through the viewing angle on the mount, but when I think about it there was a map of the Polar region inside and I thought I wonder what that's for - - now I know. And don't worry about the cat - I love her to bits no chance of her being on the sharp end. There is such a lot to learn - I knew it would be a steep learning curve, but I didn't expect it to be nearly vertical lol. I'm enjoying the experience though and know once I get the basics right it will be great.
  10. Well tonight was the first time I used my new telescope and goto mount. The viewing was really good looking out to sea on the East coast. I could see Jupiter, Castor and Pollux from just above the horizon. The problem was I couldn't align the scope so I had to manually do it by line of sight. I was so pleased that I set the finderscope up 2 days ago and that part worked like a dream. The auto alignment was way off and I wondered if I had the scope pointing North (there is a N sign on one of tripod legs so put that to the North). I really don't know why when I aligned it and asked it to go to Jupiter it was pointing about 45deg out? Anyway it was only the first outing so quite happy with what I saw. I would appreciate any thoughts on what the problem is though.
  11. Hi, can anyone tell me the setup that I need to transmit a live feed from my telescope. I have researched Skyfi and Skysafari,but I am unsure at to whether I also need a camera or does everything come through the Skyfi? Does Skysafari show live pictures or is it just an atlas of the sky? Or is there any other way of connecting my Goto telescope to preferably my Ipad or second choice Laptop (to show what the telescope is seeing without having to look through the eyepiece).
  12. Well the kit arrived at lunch time and I have spent all afternoon putting it together and reading the literature that came with it. Considering the last telescope I had (Tasco - or is that a bad word?) I was blown away by the quality of the equipment and the weight!! Skyscan works beautifully and managed to align the findscope with the telescope using the local church steeple. It just remains for the light to disappear and, hopefully, clear skies and I will be out there checking the heavens. Now onto my next problem - do I need a 10mm eye piece or 2.5mm for looking at the moon and planets? It only came with a 25mm. And is it worthwhile getting a polariser or do I need a light filter to darken the street glare - only from one side of the house, the other way is east and looking out to sea. Secondly, I'm a bit perplexed about Sidereal time and tracking rates for AP. Do I set the tracking rate to 1 x and will that just allow for the Earth's orbit or do I need to put something else in. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Brenda
  13. Welcome from another newbie. I am waiting for my telescope etc to arrive a Sky Watcher Explorer 150pds and eq5 pro mount. I have also ordered a moon filter so will let you know if its worth buying. Brenda
  14. Hi when you first open your photo in Photoshop if you have shot in raw you can change the white balance or use the temperature slider to reduce the orange effect. If you have already worked on the photos use saturation slider in adjustments and that will also reduce the orange. The reason you are having a problem with levels is you are probably increasing the highlights toward the top end of the scale -thats to the right, try do the curve more gently. Cheers Brenda
  15. Thanks for your welcome and I'm happy to get the mains lead suggested. I was a bit worried about plugging into the mains supply, but would prefer it if I can. After I joined Skygazers Lounge last night and saw the deep sky photo's so couldn't sleep. Up a 3 and wouldn't you know Jupiter was right up there along with Orion - I wished I had my scope.
  16. Hi I'm a newbie and I have just ordered Skywatcher Explorer 150pds with eq5 pro mount. Can anyone tell me the best place to get the power source and whether I need a power pack or mains leads; most of what I view will be from next to my house. Also I am quite excited by the AP pics I've seen that are possible with this setup. I have a canon dslr 600D and can't wait to photograph the heavens. I will probably be on here a lot asking loads of questions.
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