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  1. Very lovely Martin, I like the dust strands. I have been thinking of getting 2" HA filter as I use a DSLR at the moment, but I'm not sure if it will fit on a CCD camera when I eventually buy one. Do you think it makes a big difference or should I wait? Brenda
  2. Very nice setup - love the box. Mine scope just sits on the back seat of the car - not good.
  3. Well I know we have to wrap up warmly to observe - but the telescope???
  4. Hi Hal and welcome aboard. Great to have a retired NASA guy with us.
  5. Stunning, stunning, stunning all equally beautiful to me.
  6. Success!! I tried unscrewing the Barlow and when I put the lens in it fell to the bottom of the focusser -ooh er, but I retreived it and thought I'll just put it part way in and bingo I managed to focus. I wouldn't have discovered focus but for that happy accident. Now I'm happy and can't wait to check it out when we get some clear skies.
  7. I really like that. Is this the effect you get with your Powermate and can you use it for DSO? I am struggling to get a larger image using a Barlow x 2, but I'm having problems in getting it into focus.
  8. Good advice again Ant. I just checked the Barlow and it does unscrew so I will give that a go and see if I can get it into focus. I know what you're saying about FOV, but of my particular favourite is the Orion Nebula and it looks quite small on the photo's I've taken. With all of them I've had to crop quite a bit and even using Photoshop to enlarge the image in small increments it still seems to cause problems in creating a sharp decent size pic. I know I need to do more research on my targets as at the moment I am just trying to capture the most photographed galaxies, and being disappointed with the results. I thought if I could use a Barlow it might help with the size of the image, but I know trying to keep the image perfectly still is another whole ball game. When I did manage to get something relatively close in focus with it (about 30 meters) I wasn't struck with the quality, but this is a learning curve and I enjoy a challenge. Who said AP was going to be easy? But, it has its own rewards and that's why I absolutely love the hobby. Will keep you posted on my progress.
  9. Hi Kaymado I can't remember, but does the 450D not have live view with a moveable screen? That's what I use to 'see through the scope'. You could also use a remote to trigger the shutter, that would stop the slight movement caused during the shutter button activation. Or, put the camera on 2 or 10 second delay for firing.
  10. Wonderful, there's so much going on up there. I feel like a microbe.
  11. Thanks for that Ant. I'm using the kit in my signature and I spent most of yesterday afternoon doing what you suggested. It was at that point I realised I have a problem as I had tried focussing on Jupiter on the last clear night we had, Tuesday I think, and I couldn't get it into focus at all with my DSLR. I havn't tried taking it out of the focusser though so I will give that a go. I am arguing with myself whether to buy a CCD now instead and go down that route. I do want to do that at some point so I'm not sure if I sort this out I'm then giving myself another headache? The thing is that I would really like to be able to make the DSO images bigger so that I don't need to crop the photo's so much and therefore lose quality. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
  12. It's a Skywatchers, here's the link http://www.365astronomy.com/skywatcher-2inch-2x-ed-deluxe-barlow-lens-p-2035.html I can't understand why there is a problem as it is not a cheap Barlow, but hopefully I will be able to use it once I get help with it.
  13. Hi all I am having a major problem with my new 2" Barlow and trying to get it to focus with my DSLR. I have a 2" extention tube and have tried it both ways 1, putting that into the focusser then the Barlow and finally the camera. 2, putting the Barlow in the focusser then the extention into the camera - and I still can't focus properly. It seems there is enough back focus (I think) but not enough between the Barlow and the focusser. Should I buy another 2" extention or will it not work anyway. Strangley, if I want to just view through the ep with the Barlow I get focus although not pin sharp. At my wits end Brenda
  14. Hi Devin, and welcome to SGL. I fully understand the enthralled bit as that's how it gets me - it's wonderful to be able to take your interest to the next level by seeing the sky through the telescope. Happy Stargazing.
  15. Hi David I opted for EQ5 PRO as my telescope comes with the EQ3. i thought it better to upgrade as my prime interest is AP. I use it with a DSLR and havn't found the weight a problem. Good luck Brenda
  16. Welcome and I enjoyed looking at your first picture. I would be delighted with that. Did you use a Barlow to get such a good result? I've got one but can't get it into focus with the same camera.
  17. Welcome to SGL and many happy hours stargazing.
  18. ]Here are my first try's at AP taken 24 October 2013. Single photo's using equipment in my signature. I still need to learn about stacking so hopefully my next try will be better. Jupiter M42 Orion Nebula Moon
  19. Very nice, if I was up to imaging of this standard I'd be dancing on the ceiling. I also used the time today try and work on my M42 effort, but can't seem to get the background black, just a lovely shade of orange - ho hum.
  20. I'm with you on this one as I have had a lot frustration in getting my setup right, but when I did and it all came together the joy and wonder of what I saw made it so worthwhile. This is a learning curve and with that there will always be problems, but if the outcome gives a sense of peace and understanding our place in the order of things then maybe the 'getting there' is worth the effort.
  21. Welcome to SGL, if you're wanting to do Astro Photography you need an equatorial mount and get one bigger than the one suggested with the telescope. i.e. my setup normally comes with a EQ3 mount, but I opted for the EQ5 as the weight bearing is 6kg for imaging and 9kg for observing.
  22. Apologies for being a complete novice here, but what is the difference between a guide camera and a camera for taking photo's - is it the same thing?
  23. Hi Simon, welcome to the lounge. I hope you have many happy hours of stargazing.
  24. That some shed you have there. I have to carry all my stuff outside every time I need it. I would love something like that, but I only have a small garden.
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