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  1. I seem to recall reading that at the molecular level matter pops in and out of existence. So where does that come from? Is it possible that the multi-Universe theory is correct and again "there is more between Heaven and Earth than we can ever know" One theory seems to replace another as time goes on and more becomes understood. I remember looking out of the window and watching a spider on a spout and speculating if it understood even the very spout it was crawling around on. A spider only knows its web and its immediate surroundings. It does not comprehend any technology that we use or indeed have experience other than its limited intelligence to make sense of its World. In many ways I think we are Spiders in the Universe. Who knows what will happen, we can only speculate and try to make sense of it as best we can with our limited understanding.
  2. Absolutely beautiful, a real inspiration to us budding Astro Photographers. Brenda
  3. Hi Patrick and welcome to SGL. It's the great thing about this hobby - the wonder of it all when you just look up and really see the sky. Happy Stargazing Brenda
  4. Hi Dave and that's a beautiful picture. I would never think of just using a Canon lens and CCD, but it just shows you what you can achieve with different set ups.
  5. Sandancer10


    Hi Mark and welcome to SGL, you are in the right place to get help and advice. Happy Stargazing
  6. Lovely shot, I have taken a few of Jupiter this last week but none showing the GRS.
  7. Hi Guy and welcome to SGL. The mount is important if you are also interested in Astro Photography, so make sure you take that into account and it means you won't need to upgrade the mount at a later stage. Happy Stargazing. Brenda
  8. Hi Lorne and welcome to SGL, you are in the right place for great advice. I have been helped no end on here and still getting advice. If you have a smart phone you can download GoogleSky. After the download you just hold your phone up in the direction of what you are interested and it will name it for you. Happy Stargazing Brenda
  9. Hi, I'm not sure about solving the problems with DSS as I can't even get it to stack DSLR images. But, I love this animation of Ison. Wish I were up to doing this sort of stuff it's so inspirational.
  10. Sandancer10


    Hi Ricky and welcome to SGL. It looks like you have a lovely dark site there. Happy Stargazing Brenda
  11. I used to have the same finder and couldn't use it. I prefer the cross hair type it's much easier to see where the scope is pointing in relation to the sky. Not sure about the flashlight, there probably is one. The power pack I use has a removable red cover on the torch end and that works fine. Happy stargazing.
  12. Welcome to SGL and I think your photo's are excellent - from a fellow photographer who enjoys AP.
  13. Can I join in here regarding DSS? Using the equipment in my signature, I cannot get more than a strip showing after I have stacked the frames. I read another thread and downloaded the Beta file, again no joy. The star count is showing 0 for M42. I used 20x30" subs, tried using 4 darks. no flats or bias. I even tried a different computer as I thought maybe I don't have enough processing power - nothing different. I have watched tutorials and checked everything out, but still no luck. This is the first attempt at imaging so it's baby steps, but any help would be appreciated.
  14. I have my laptop and everything indoors and it's much better, especially on the 4 Nov when it was freezing outside. I use a split screen on my laptop, 1 for Stellarium and the other for my camera control. I don't use a webcam, but I have been loaned one to try out so may give it a go. If you have problems with the cable length you can use 5 metre USB cables connected together up to 20 metres, but they must be repeater cables. I got mine from Astronmiser.
  15. Welcome to SGL there's lots of help here so don't worry about any questions you have, we have all been there. Once you have aligned your scope to Polaris if it is a GOTO mount you just punch in whatever you want to look at. i.e. Orion Nebula and the scope will literally go to it. Don't adjust your declination from say 51 degrees as thats where the scope starts from and how it knows where it is, also keep it pointed at Polaris. Next you need to align the scope and using your hand controller set it for 2, or better 3 stars to do this. If your Polor alignment is good it the first star shouldn't be far off. Now this is the tricky bit. Keep both eyes open - one looking through the viewfinder and the other on the star. If your view finder has cross hairs move the scope using the controller toward the star until it is in the cross hair. After that you should be relatively close to the next chosen star and its a lot easier. Happy stargazing
  16. Absolutely beautiful. What kit and stacking programme did you use? I'm still learning about stacking and processing so I'm very interested to hear how you achieved such a great result. Brenda
  17. Welcome to SGL and you are in thr right place to get loads of help. I use a 25mm to start as it has quite a wide field of view and it's easier to get the image in the centre of the eye piece. Then you can use 10mm or smaller. I also have 4mm but with that one I have to make sure the image is dead centre otherwise stepping from the 10mm can lose the object as the FOV is so small but, making the planet appear larger in the eye piece. Happy stargazing
  18. Lovely pictures. I was also photographing Jupiter last night, but havn't had a chance to look at them so I didn't know about the transit. I'll check it to see if I got anything.
  19. I use a Canon 600D tethered all the time and I wonder if it's just your model. I switched from A-dep to Manual when it was tethered and didn't have a problem. Also I'm constantly changing from Bulb mode to timer mode in Stellarium and it works just fine. Could it be a software problem with that batch?
  20. Hi welcome to the Lounge. I've just come in from taking photo's and trying to thaw out. A beautiful night out there, but cold.
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