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  1. I use a 600D and hadn't had any problems with focus until I got the 2xBarlow. Then I couldn't focus until someone on here helped me a great deal and explained about moving the Barlow in and out slowly of the focuser. I found that the right spot was just past the collar and now focus is okay. It's a tricky thing to get right, but once you do it's worth the effort.
  2. Welcome to SGL - you're in the right place, lots of good advice here. Happy Stargazing.
  3. I'm with you on this Vega, I can stay up until 3am in the morning from the night before, but try to get me up before 8am and there is no chance. I'm definately a Night- Owl. So looks like I might have to wait until the return. Brenda
  4. I tried the webcam to get close ups of the craters. I've taken loads with my 600D. Here's one I took the same night. No stacking - just a little bit of tweaking in PS. Brenda
  5. Hi Baz and welcome to SGL. I started late also, but it's never too late to throw yourself into a new hobby. When the sky clears and you take your first picture I can guarantee you won't be selling your kit - this is a very addictive hobby. Happy Stargazing. Brenda
  6. Funny thing is Todd, I have never used the DSLR for video. This webcam only does Planetry stuff and I will (when funds allow) buy a CCD camera. I have gotten some half decent photo's from the 600D, but do you know if I can capture DSO using the video on the DSLR? Any help much appreciated. Brenda
  7. Well done Frank, I'd be dancing around as well if I could manage results like this. Brenda
  8. Hi Darren and welcome to SGL. Happy Stargazing.
  9. Happy 1st Anniversary Paulo. If this is what you can achieve in the first year it's incredible. Extremely awe inspiring and I enjoyed looking at your work very much. Brenda
  10. Hmm - you can tell I don't upload images - here we go again for another try.
  11. 2013.11.tif Second attempt at attaching the picture.
  12. My first posting using a Philips Webcam SNC 900, stacked in Autostakkert!2 and processed in Registax 5. I have never seen the Moon close up before and I was blown away last night when I saw this image appear on my laptop. It's the sort of thing I have always dreamed of, to be able to bring heavenly objects closer instead of seeing them as far away and remote. I am really addicted to this hobby now and look forward to be able to take much better photo's as my experience grows.
  13. Sandancer10

    Newbie :)

    Hi Simon and welcome to SGL from the sunny North East, could be clear tonight - fingers crossed.
  14. Very nice capture and processing. I'm still on that vertical learning curve of image processing and finding it more difficult than Polar Alignment - and I thought that was hard. I used Registax 5 to process some Jupiter shots yesterday and couldn't even get it to align properly - ho hum. But, will not let it stop me at this stage - just need to see lots of tutorials lol.
  15. Welcome to SGL and I enjoyed your introduction. I have to smile as in the UK we are all 'conserving the Planet' and doing our bit to save energy (apart from the horrendous cost of it) and there goes the Far East with huge neons all over it. Feels like my small 4kw Solar Panel Array will not make up for 1 light bulb really.
  16. Good capture and you can see the difference in using the lower ISO. I always use ISO 400 as I think anything higher will always give much more noise. Nikkons' ISO is supposed to be better than Canon and you can push it a bit more. Can't understand why they give you 6400+ as I don't know any photographer that uses it.
  17. There have been problems with some Canon camera and connecting them to the P.C., but it sounds as if you have already had your camera repaired. I can't remember which thread it was, but a member tried tethering the camera again and after repair it worked. If you do want to use your pc, have a look on here and you will find the details.
  18. Hi, your Polar Alignment should be set to your Latitude i.e. N55 04.8. If you are viewing from the same position it will never change. However if you go on field trips etc it will change and you will have to use the new co-ordinates. I tried Skysafari and ended up using Stellarium, it's a very good programme to orientate yourself in relation to what you can see from your location. Also with Stellarium if you have a GOTO scope it will operate it for you. Happy Stargazing.
  19. I always zoom in to show the biggest image on the camera's live view and find that works quite well. Very good for imaging the Moon and Jupiter.
  20. Great image and I like the second posting with the increased red. I photographed M42 over a week ago and have been struggling with DeepSky Stacker as my DSLR was not compatible. Finally sorted it out today thanks to very good advice from the guys at the local Astro club and I'm quite overawed with seeing the result of my work on the laptop. It's wonderful to be doing all this, but I'm still working on the images so can't post anything yet. Good luck with your imaging.
  21. Thanks Mark I will give it a go. Just had a text from my local Astro Club about a meeting so I'm off there tonight. They have a 14" Meade and with it being a clear night it should be really good seeing. Brenda
  22. Hi Mark and welcome to the lounge. Very nice shot of the moon. Happy Stargazing.
  23. Hi Mark, I've resorted to IRIS as I can't get DSS to work. It is a very steep learning curve but I have found a tutorial which for me is the easiest to follow, here's the link http://petersastro.50webs.com/tutorials_preprocessing.html I have finally managed to have some success in stacking, but for some reason my colour output has a green caste on it. I went into Photoshop and added a red and blue filter using colour mix but I am still working on getting the correct colours. Have you any tips on how to correct this at the IRIS stage? Brenda
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