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  1. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your new scope.
  2. This is the best image taken by the Hubble so far and consists of 1.5 billion pixels captured using 411 mosaic panels. t http://earthsky.org/space/new-sharpest-ever-view-of-andromeda-galaxy?utm_source=EarthSky+News&utm_campaign=f80da10547-EarthSky_News&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c643945d79-f80da10547-394087485
  3. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL. Great to hear Santa was good to you. At the moment most of the Planets are viewable, Jupiter in the East in the evening. Mars, Venus and Mercury in the South West about Sunset and Saturn in the East in the morning just before Dawn. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey
  4. Hi Ian and a warm welcome to SGL. I see you're thinking about a Skywatcher, it's a good choice and it's what I use for Astrophotography. have a look at my gallery to see what you can achieve with it. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
  5. Hi Julian and a warm welcome to SGL. It sounds like you have an ideal spot there. Good luck with your Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey. Brenda
  6. Fabulous image - should be entered for Annual Astrophotography competition - if not already.
  7. From the album: SW 150PDS - DSLR 600D / Atik Titan/Atik 314L1+/Atik Infinity

    Taken using equipment at Les Granges - processed using Astro Art and Photoshop. Tak FSQ 106 & Atik 1100/Miso 200 Mount
  8. Very nice Steve. You could get rid of some of the noise in the background using the Gaussian Blur tool in Photoshop, but you would first need to isolate the nebula and stars so as not to include them using masks. Hope this helps.
  9. Looks very good to me too. You have managed to get quite a lot of nebulosity out. Well done.
  10. Hi Olly, this is even more beautiful than when you were going through the tutorial with me. I have a copy of the same data, but shudder to think what my feeble effort will be in comparison. I will however 'give it a go' and see what I can do. It was great being at your place last week and the seeing was unbelievable - the food and wine was excellent too. I had a good journey back and called into Sistron on the way to Marseille, it was lovely and I got quite a few terrestrial photo's. Please say hello to Monique for me.
  11. Hi Christine I thought I'd just post you a note to welcome you to SGL and to say that I got back from Les Granges okay late on Friday. The plane took a big bump on the landing and I thought My God we are going to crash, but all okay if just a little scary. I also had a great time with Olly and Monique, he is a mine of information and quite the host to boot!! I'll be putting all this new knowledge to good use, once I've unpacked . Anyway great to meet you and I hope you will find some good friends on here in your area. Brenda
  12. Hi and welcome to SGL. Sounds like you have a nice spot there with clear skies. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
  13. Hi Antonio and welcome to SGL. Good to hear you have your scope and looking to make new friends. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
  14. Hi Tom and welcome to SGL. A 26" telescope beats my 6" hands down . I would love to see the heavens through that. Happy Stargazing.
  15. Thanks for the head's up Jason. I watched "Cosmos" when it was on earlier in the year - absolutely amazing. I also have just watched Brian Cox "Human Universe" and that was good viewing to.
  16. Hi Don, welcome to SGL. Happy Stargazing
  17. I got my qhy5-ii to autoguide for the first time on Sunday evening. I used usb2 port, opened up Ezplanetary and put into Livebroadcast, opened up Metaguide - alternative guiding for QHY cameras and got 120 sec subs. normally I can only manage 60 sec subs unguided. So I was delighted for the first attempt. Unfortunately the Moon was lighting up the sky and I was unable to get any DSO images, but with better Polar alignment I know it will do much better.
  18. I have just recently bought the same camera and have spent 2 weeks trying to get an image. I finally achieved it, but with a lot of problems. I had to use the usb2 connection as it wouldn't connect to usb3. You have to download both WMD and WMD native. Ezplanetary forwards the image to another program I.e. Sharpcap. PHD does crash, but I found after awhile it will settle. The biggest problem I had was with focus - I couldn't get it, but after sticking with it I got it to work. I haven't had a chance to use auto guiding yet - I have a 9x50 finderscope and have managed to get an image through t
  19. Very sad news - the men who put their lives at risk to advance our knowledge are hero's indeed.
  20. I've just watched it on the news - shows they are out of practice since the Shuttle program ended. Don't know why they can't find a safer way of sending stuff into space instead of on top of a roman candle.
  21. Very good, I particularly like that you managed to get the red clusters showing nicely. Well done.
  22. Hi Michael, I didn't know we had a new shed I thought we just had the main Observatory. I'll pop in to have a look at it, maybe on Thursday. Thanks for the heads up.
  23. Thanks Jim for your advice and i'll check the internal arrangement for supporting the roof. Regarding the zenith I'm not really worried about that as I don't want to do meridan flip and all that entails. I have been speaking to Martin Braddock and he has had a purpose built obsy. It's the same shape, but the top rotates and the roof splits open - it looks very impressive. The cost is £5,300 so I am also looking to build an extension onto my garage 3x3 mtrs with a 2x2 mtr sliding hatch in the roof. I think a dome will attract too much attention where I live, but until I get a quote from the bui
  24. Beautiful image and I like the multitude of stars - just goes to show you what's up there.
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