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  1. I took this image with my CCD and I think any signs of vibration would show up, but it seems clear. Normally the SW 150PDS is sold with the EQ3 so I went for the next mount as I was concerned about the weight with my DSLR. the EQ5 can take 6 kg for AP and 9KG for visual.
  2. They are quite good and yes, I can see the smudge below M81. I used my new CCD camera last night and I havn't worked on the images yet, but I don't think I was aligned on M82 properly - it has quite a small FOV. I then switched to my DSLR, and after struggling with the focus, I finally got that right and the scope guider decided it had had enough for 1 night.
  3. I use Polar Finder, Astro Panel and Google Sky Map.
  4. HI and a warm welcome to SGL. Great to hear you bagged M82 Supernova after having such a long break as well.
  5. A stunning image - very inspirational.
  6. Hi Mark, thanks for your interest and I have added a link to SAS. The next time the Observatory is open is 30 January from 7.15pm. We have a 14" Meade Telescope and that's always a worth a look through, but you can bring you own kit if you wish. You don't need to email, but to be honest I just dropped John Lynch the Chairman an email to ask the very same questions http://www.sunderlandastro.com/ See you at the meetings.
  7. Very good images and thanks for the heads up on the settings for WxAstrocapture.
  8. Hi Jonnie and welcome to SGL. I was told the same thing, but for me the weight and portability was very important so I went for the kit in my signature. When I started to balance the scope with both weights on it, it was top heavy even with the DSLR on it so I only use 1 weight for AP and I find this sturdy enough to get steady, clear shots. I think the HEQ5 is a bit of over-kill for a 150 scope. Hope this helps
  9. Hi Phillip from another North Easterner and welcome to SGL. As Ken said above SAS is based at Washington Wetlands and we meet regularly. Happy Stargazing.
  10. This was taken on 20/1/13 with my new CCD camera. I'm quite pleased with the steadiness of the shots compared to my Philips SNC900 webcam. Atik Titan 10 x .4 sec subs Stacked and pre-processed in Registax Processed in Photoshop CS6
  11. Hi Martin and a warm welcome to SGL. AP is a challenge and a steep learning curve, but well worth every minute spent on it. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
  12. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL. You're on the right site to get all the Astro help you need. I would recommend that you download Stellarium, it's free, and it will acquaint you with objects in the night sky. Also, if you don't have it already Google Sky have a very good app for a smartphone. Good luck with your new scope and Happy Stargazing.
  13. Thanks for sharing, I will be photographing and watching this one.
  14. Brilliant image and well done for getting it all sorted remotely - now where's my wish list.
  15. Sandancer10


    Hi and a warm welcome to SGL. Enjoy your new kit and Happy Stargazing.
  16. Hi David and a warm welcome to SGL. It's good to hear you are really thinking about what sort of scope and mount you will need in the future. The only advice that I would give you is to decide what you want to achieve from this hobby, whether it be AP or observation as it involves quite different kit. You really should future proof anything you buy as far as possible to save you from having to upgrade within a relatively short time. You may also like to download Stellarium, it's free and it will help you to identify objects in the night sky. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
  17. Very good indeed, I admire your processing skills as my HHN seems to be a nightmare to pull any detail out of - ho hum.
  18. Hi Pete and a warm welcome to SGL. I had a similar worry about keeping dust off my sensor so I bought a light pollution filter. It screws onto a T-adapter which goes into the focuser. You will also need a T-ring for your specific camera, this attaches to the T-adapter. You don't need a lens with this setup as the telescope, once in focus becomes the lens. Hope this helps.
  19. Hi Mark and welcome to SGL. Yes I remember my tasco scope and seeing the 4 moons of Jupiter and rings of Saturn and being blown away. I don't think that feeling ever leaves you. Happy Stargazing.
  20. Hi Harvey, I'm not sure what a dual axis mount is but if you have the normal Skyscan handset etc. I can help you. Once you have polar aligned the scope (3 star method is better) just enter what object you want to look at. The scope will automatically goto that object, (without having to turn tracking on) and will track it for you. If you have adapted the mount motors I'm afraid that's way beyond me. Good luck and hope you get it sorted.
  21. Hi, as RobertC said above try using Stellarium, you shouldn't have any problem connecting with that. Go to the plugin and select Telescope control, enter your scope details and the correct COM port and you scope should appear on the screen. All you do then is select an object -press Ctrl 1 together and the scope will slew to it. Hope this helps.
  22. Hi and welcome to SGL. It seems you put a lot of thought into your choice of scope. It was going to be the Nexstar 6E for me too, but as my primary interest is AP I decided on the kit in my signature. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
  23. You could try a 2 x converter for your lens to get a smaller FOV. It has a similar effect to a Barlow when used on a scope.
  24. Hi Phil and a warm welcome to SGL. An EQ mount, being equatorial, is ideal if you want to do Astro photography. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
  25. Hi Jessica and a warm welcome to SGL. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
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