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  1. Well for me it's strictly GOTO. It is a bit of a faff getting setup etc, but seeing images through AP is very rewarding - and permanent. I have used the scope in manual (when I havn't been able to align for some reason) and I can see the attraction of looking through the ep, but the joy of sitting in a warm, comfortable conservatory with a glass of wine (or tea, well sometimes) and watching the images come through on screen is magic.
  2. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL. I also have a confession to make - now I didn't buy anything big - just a small 90deg viewfinder for my Polar Scope, but it may have contributed to the grey and wet stuff. Sorry Guys
  3. Hi Roy and a warm welcome to SGL. Lucky you - I lived in Brittany for 2 years and loved it. Plenty of dark skies there. Happy Stargazing through your new scope and enjoy your Astro journey.
  4. Hi, and a nice image of Orion. I think it is something like elongation at the edge of image due to distortion. A field flattener would sort it out.
  5. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL. Good to hear you have been watching the forum and decided what kit you need. There is plenty more advice on here as there always seems to be a million questions when you first start out. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro Journey.
  6. Not sure I to use it now I've seen that. Still no Astro Panel update - ho hum.
  7. Matt, what is ziti? I have never heard of it. I work on my imaging skills and study lots of tutorials. I also do Terrestrial photography, but to honest since I took up AP I don't find that challenging at all. So basically I plan the next AP session and what I hope to achieve on that night - nearly always doesn't work though as either scope or power pack or CCD or DSLR decides to play up. Oh the joy's of Astronomy.
  8. Wow - the best close up image I've seen of the Moon. I like the high relief - it looks almost 3D. Well done.
  9. Hi Nico & Carly Believe or not there is a "Making every pixel count" tutorial from Caelum Observatory. I bought the full version and it's pretty advanced stuff, but they also do individual tutorials for some of the main galaxies and nebula's. You may find it easier to follow the work flow for one of them. Here's the link http://www.caelumobservatory.com/video/dvd.shtml Good luck and hope this helps
  10. Thanks Rob, I managed to get the Astro forecast from the new link and it still looks like more of the grey and wet stuff
  11. Thanks for the link, I have downloaded it. I can't see how to get a cloud forecast for the next 3,6,9 hours etc. Do you know if it does this? Latest on Astro Panel - it's still down
  12. Thanks for that, I thought it was just me.
  13. Sandancer10

    Hi all

    Hi and a warm welcome to SGL from me.
  14. Hi everyone Is anybody else having update issues with this Andriod App. Mine hasn't updated for 5 days and I have tried to uninstall and re-install several times to try and correct the problem. Does anyone know if you only get it free for a certain time or whether it's permanently ongoing, or any other software that does the same job. Any help would be appreciated - I'm lost without it.
  15. Well done Don, these are good images. I have been trying to improve my imaging techniques, but I'm still struggling with HHN. I think it's probably one of the harder objects to image as it is so dark.
  16. Sandancer10


    Hi and a warm welcome to SGL. You might like a free download called Stellarium, it will help you find your way around the night sky and plan what you want to look at. Happy Stargazing.
  17. I agree with Brantuk, you need to be spending some time at the scope to make the time spent setting up worthwhile. It can take me anything from 20 to 30mins to set up, but I use it for AP. I suppose if you are observing you needn't be too precise.
  18. Hi Tom and a warm welcome to SGL. Enjoy your new scope and Happy Stargazing.
  19. Gina, now be nice to the delivery van man tomorrow - it's not his fault you probably had a sleepless night
  20. This is fantastic, to be able to create and produce your own designs. I remember a few years ago hearing about these printers and I thought it was an April fool. Next thing you know we will be making our own 'Star Sapphires' - from Forbidden Planet.
  21. Sandancer10


    Hi Dave and a warm welcome to SGL. Enjoy your new scope when this awful weather clears. Happy Stargazing.
  22. I focus my DSLR on Jupiter's Moons (using the maximum zoom) and then use Stellarium to check that Jupiter and the scope are showing exactly matched. If I am slightly out I unlock the gears and manually adjust the scope until it is spot on Stellarium. I find then I can goto any object and it will be centered.
  23. Very nice image. The second one looks slightly 'off kilter'? Or is it just my eyes
  24. Hi Luis and that's a stunning image. I already have the HA filter on my list of must haves and this just confirms the detail you can achieve. Well done.
  25. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL from the cold and rainy North East of England. You have captured Jupiter and its moons and if you were using a telescope it would show the wrong way round. To get a better image try reducing your shutter speed and you will get the ring detail on your images. Really with Astro Photography a lot is just playing around with your DSLR to get the best effect. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
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