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  1. Hi Rob, sorry to hear you are having problems too. Here's a description of the steps I used to get the kit working. EQMOD - I added my SW 150PDS and it found the driver. To use ASCOM instead of your handset you have to select 'work in pc mode'. ASCOMPAD - this was the tricky bit. This is where you add your focuser type etc. Nowhere does it tell you that this is the program for focusing through ASCOM - I thought it was for a gamepad, but you also can control the focus in and out from the display. It depends on your Autofocus which driver you need - I had the wrong one so make sure you get the correct driver for your setup. MAXIM DL - for the CCD - it seemed to find it no problem. Once I had all this setup Focusmax worked fine. I am sitting inside writing this while the system is taking images of M82. Just had a nice brew - it doesn't get any better than this.
  2. Hi Stephen, great looking images and you can really see the difference in detail with the IR Filter.
  3. Hi Paul and a very warm welcome to SGL. Great to see you have developed your AP so quickly and you have some very good kit there. Hope to see some of your work shortly. In the meantime, Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro Journey.
  4. Well the good news is that I have finally sorted out this problem after something like 14 - 16 hours working on it in total. The Telescope, CCD and Autofocuser are all talking to Focusmax and Maxim DL. At last I can say that my setup is truely automated - I am well chuffed, tired and relieved. Running in and out of the house to re-focus the CCD was a nightmare, but finally I can relax and enjoy my AP in comfort.
  5. Sandancer10

    Hello SGL

    Hi and a warm welcome to SGL. It's good to have you here. Happy Stargazing.
  6. Hi Max, and a warm welcome to SGL. Happy Stargazing.
  7. Hi Everyone I have been tearing my hair out trying to get EQMOD to talk to my scope. Basically, I bought a SW Autofocuser and have been trying to set it up with Focusmax and Maxim DL. As I understand it these 2 programs use EQMOD to 'talk' to each other the scope/focuser/camera as well. When I run the Wizard in Focusmax it shows "Telescope EQMOD ASCOM EQ5/6 is not connected" and "ASCOM Mount Hub Pro Focuser is not connected" I have checked the COM ports are working; COM 3 is for the telescope - Stellarium picks this up no problem. So I really don't know what else I'm doing wrong. The trouble is that now I have put the Autofocuser onto my scope I can't use it until I get this sorted out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. p.s. Thankfully Focusmax has recognised the camera
  8. Hi Matt, good to see your thinking about AP. I'm not sure about the 3 telescopes you are interested in, but for AP you need a short focal length, equatorial mount and really it needs to be motorised. I bought my kit specifically for AP and I know there are other setups out there I can only advise on what I use. Depending on your budget you can get some very good deals on this type of setup at about the same price. If you want to go higher I would say the SW200PDS and EQ6 Pro or HEQ5 would be a good setup. Good luck.
  9. Hi Ben and a warm welcome to SGL. I have just bought my first CCD camera and I'm just dipping my toe in the water at the moment. I've had some very good results with the planets so far. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro Journey.
  10. Hi Stuart and a warm welcome to SGL from me. Glad to hear you have your niece to share your hobby and you are getting into the practical side of Astronomy. Happy Stargazing.
  11. Thanks for your posting Sara. Yes, I have been put off getting the Mono instead of OSC as I really thought by the time I learn how to use a filter wheel and processing skills needed I would start off with the 'easiest' option. I have my eye on Atik 314L or better, but again funds dictate - as always. However, later in the year I will get a Mono CCD with Automatic Filter Wheel.
  12. Thanks for your advice. I have just ordered a Baader Ha and Olll filter and expecting delivery within a couple of days. I did ask though if they could be used in a Filter Wheel later on and apparently it's not a problem. At some point I intend buying a bigger sensor mono CCD, but for now I am still on this steep CCD learning curve and I think the mono option is a whole new steeper learning curve.
  13. Hi everyone. I have an Atik Titan CCD OSC and noticed that it has a mono option. My question is by using this option does that make all the pixels activate i.e. greyscale or will it still be an RGB type image using only 2 green - 1 blue - 1 red matrix? Also, does de-bayering an image give you a better result i.e. by being able to work on RGB separately. Again, would this process give you a better finished image with more detail?
  14. Sometimes the simplicity of DSLRs is so much more relaxing than the stresses of RGB CCD mono imaging. Ooh. Heresy! You are not wrong there. First time last night I thought great, I'll get out there and test my new CCD camera. No chance, when I finally got everything setup and ready to roll the scope decided it needed a Meridan flip - of course I hadn't read up on that. So, I had to leave my attempt at DSO and take DSLR images of Mars. I remember not so very long ago I would have thought that was a fantastic night's imaging, but no now it has to be all out CCD or nothing. I think I need to regroup By the way - it's a lovely image.
  15. Hi Ralph, I thought that was you - I recognise the quality of the images. Another two beautiful pictures, well done.
  16. Hi and warm welcome to SGL. Great to hear your son is interested - that's the thing encourage him while he's young. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro Journey.
  17. Hi Peter, you echo a frequent complaint - like why do I never get to do what I set out to do. Because taking complaicated kit along with a smigeon of knowledge mixed in with a few gremlins and cloud and or dew point and you have the perfect reciepe not to succeed.Thankfully us stalwart astronomer types can take it on the chin and hope next time out will be better.
  18. Hi Steven and a warm welcome to SGL. Regarding Uranus, I think you will find that it is pronounced U-ran-us, or does that not have the same ring to it - excuse the pun
  19. Very nice kit Matthew - enjoy. Hopefully some clear weather tonight - fingers crossed.
  20. Hi Tony and this is really striking image. You have some nice kit there I see - is your Atik a mono with filters or OCS.
  21. Hi Duncan and a warm welcome to SGL. Now you have your scope you are in danger of being truely 'hooked' on this marvellous hobby. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro Journey.
  22. Hi Smiler and a warm welcome to SGL. Happy Stargazing.
  23. Hi Annie and a warm welcome to SGL from me. I also am a keen imager so glad to have you on board. Happy Stargazing and enjoy your Astro Journey.
  24. Hi, I have just watched the video showing the fitting of SW Autofocuser and I'm interested to know what you think of it. Also, which software do you use?
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