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  1. As Bogdog said "your histogram is too far to the right". To correct it you need to go onto each R G & B channel and move them to the left (black point) end of the histogram. Try different amounts, but try and always end up with the RGB in one spike so you don't end up with a colour caste.
  2. Sandancer10


    Hi Alan and a warm welcome to SGL from me. I hope your health improves and doing something like Astronomy is so all in compassing and positive that it will help I'm sure. Happy Stargazing.
  3. Hi Rune and a warm welcome to SGL. I would guess that you have wonderful dark skies there, being so far north. Happy Stargazing.
  4. I first saw this equation demonstrated by Carl Sagan. To be honest I thought it was his work, but it turns out to be 'The Drake Equation'. Here's the link: http://science.howstuffworks.com/space/aliens-ufos/extraterrestrial-life-odds1.htm
  5. I agree, Retirement is wonderful - you can go to bed when you want and better still - get up when you want. Spending as much time on hobbies really is a full-time job though
  6. I havn't made it an all nighter yet - only 9.00 till 3.00am - does 6 hours count?
  7. Hi Steve and a warm welcome to SGL from me. Happy Stargazing.
  8. Last night was a great night (apart from the Moon) not a cloud in sight and good for AP and I was ill. My Sister drove me 80 miles yesterday and the last 20 miles were a nightmare due to car sickness. Even though I was ill, I was really annoyed that the sky was clear and my head felt like it was in a vice. Better it had been cloudy - sorry guys I know some of you got some great images. Now I'll have to wait another Goodness knows how long for another clear night.
  9. I can understand why you are so excited when you get a good result like this.
  10. Hi, these seem okay, given how bright the Moon was last night. The only comment I could make to improve them is they need sharpening, that way you will see more detail especially in the craters. I don't know if you have PS, but if not you could try GIMP - it's a free download.
  11. Hi Richard and a warm welcome to SGL from me.
  12. Hi As Nmoushon said, you don't need a goto mount for Planetary or Moon images. This is because the shutter speed is quite fast for taking these type of objects - you could just as easily use a normal tripod with a good size lens, say 70-300. You would also need a 2 x adapter which would effectively make your lens 600 plus factor of x 1.5 for the sensor size of the 650D. I'm not sure what the Mak is, but it's probably a smaller focal length than this setup. If you want to try DSO later on, then you will need a goto mount for tracking as you are then looking at shutter speeds of 60 seconds+
  13. Hi A.G. I think this is a very good capture and image processing. Particularly good considering the conditions
  14. Hi, the best processing software that I have found is Caelum Observatory, here is the link caelumobservatory.com. They also do software for specific objects, but to be honest I think the full version and working through your images seems to be the most cost effective - about £90.00 including import duty from the States. It works with PS, but as Red Dwarf said you can download PS CS2 for free. Also, I found Astronomy Tools very good for processing, here is the link http://www.prodigitalsoftware.com/Astronomy_Tools_For_Full_Version.html You download this and it is added to 'actions' in PS. You then run an action and it works really well. I spent a lot of time trying to get rid of gradients, noise, star bloat etc and this corrects all of these and more. $21.95 for 34 actions is a really worthwhile spend. Good luck
  15. Very good image Mick. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Very nice thought and images Bryan. No doubt there will be a few guys downloading these for their loved ones.
  17. Hi Martin and a warm welcome to SGL from me. Happy Stargazing.
  18. Missed it - drat - will have to watch it on catch up.
  19. Hi Wayne and a warm welcome to SGL. I remember going to the Kruger a couple of years ago and the skies were spectacular.
  20. Hi, I think you have just about everything covered in your post however, you could add a Autofocuser if you are planning to do remote AP. I have just added one to my kit and I'm delighted with the result. I also have used Stellarium for quite awhile now, but I have moved over to CDC as I think it gives much more info and just seems better to operate.
  21. My solution to the Polar Scope neck wrenching, backbreaking and lying on the ground every time I setup up the scope for under £5.00. I bought a 90 deg viewfinder from Ebay, some O rings and a 32mm to 40mm plumbing fitting. I put 2 O-rings around the end of the Polar Scope. 2 around the 40mm end of the pipe fitting and attached the viewfinder and then glued them into place. Now I just have to push the 32mm end onto the Polar Scope and bingo it stays there - so now I can bend over and align Polaris. Total cost 1.89 for the view finder, 1.59 for the O-rings and 1.49 for the fitting - c/o B&Q.
  22. Hi Emma and a warm welcome to SGL. Congrats on getting your new kit, but if you're worried about light pollution you can get a LP filter which does help to darken the sky a bit. I hope you have many hours of happy Stagazing and enjoy your Astro journey.
  23. Quite good images for a mobile. The next step of attaching a webcam or DSLR will give you much more detail, but these aren't bad for your first attempt.
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