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  1. thoughts on roll off roof idea

    Hope this diagram will help: In first example wood will eventually bend under roof weight. Sorry for my drawing "skills"
  2. thoughts on roll off roof idea

    Important thing to add: right now roof weight is bending this pillar because all weight is only on one side. Pillar should divide track outside obsy on 1/3 and 2/3 parts. This way horizontal forces will cancel out.
  3. Gemini G41 control system

    Hello Darryl, you can also check EQDRIVE http://astrodevices.net/accesories/equatorial-mount/eqdrive-standard-3 https://youtu.be/YUxzq4ZbRY4
  4. Hello, I'm designing M63-M48 adapter for my setup and because I do not have with me my FT focuser I need your help. Can someone check how far is the first baffle in FT 2.5" focuser from the camera side? Precisely from M63 thread to first baffle. Unfortunately I cannot check it myself.
  5. Astrodon vs Baader Ha Filters

    No problem Third from the top: http://www.baader-planetarium.de/sektion/s43d/s43d.htm
  6. Astrodon vs Baader Ha Filters

    You are comparing 7nm filter with 3nm.. Results are obvious. Compare Baader 3mn with Astrodon 3nm.
  7. Hello

    Hi everyone! My name is Krzysztof (Christopher), i'm from Poland, i love astrophotography and astrophysics. I was reading this forum for long time and i think is time to say hello
  8. Atik 314L+ versus 414EX

    Hmm.. Can you provide some bias frames (10?), dark frame and some flats?