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  1. Some of my DSO taken with 8" dob. synscan goto and canon 1100D. Usually is the result of stacking 80subs of 30sec. each I love that scope
  2. Hello everybody, I am back, after missing from the field since last spring and after a failed attempt on the night of the 15 August. I would like to share with you my last DSO M71. 73 subs x30sec each 40 dark 40 bias 8" Dob Synscan Goto Modded Canon 1100 D As usual thanks for watching !!!
  3. ahhaha no you misunderstood me I meant that i was going to delete all my subs after that i stacked them because i wasn't happy enough with the result I used photoshop
  4. I know unfortunately that's the best that i could have done. I was going to delete everything honestly because unfortunately i didn't realize that my scope was pointing too much toward e yellowish light emitted by a post lamp
  5. Hello everybody After a long break due to a quiet coldish and very dump winter i am glad to share again with you all my last target NGC4565: 8" dob skywatcher Synscan Goto 80 subs x 30sec. 40 dark 40 bias Canon 1100D modded As usual thanks for watching
  6. With my dob usually i get around 80subs of 30sec. each plus 40 dark and 40 bias and the battery of my canon 1100D (fully charged of course) does the job no problem (it can lose maximum one notch). So the total use of the camera is the following: 40 minutes for the subs 20 minutes for the darks 5 minutes (roughly) for the bias I hope this helps
  7. Thank you everybody for the comments guys Olly thank you so much for your invaluable tip much appreciated I didn't touch the black point at all because the histogram was completely squashed on the left (i suppose it was underexposed). I had to force a bit the background contrast because the target went to low and in the direction of that side of my house there is an annoying orange street lamp that reflect on the wall of the next house, so when i was stretching the pic this orange/yellowish shade was coming out all the time. Often happen to me that the histogram is squashed on the left side
  8. Here another nebula done with my 8" dob synscan goto. Details: - 80subs x 30sec - 40 darks - 40 bias - canon 1100D modded. As usual thanks for watching
  9. Hello everybody, finally after a month of bad weather and moon phases i am back with a new target. 80subs x 30sec 40 dark 40 bias 8" Dob. synscan goto Canon 1100D modded As usual thanks for watching
  10. Thanks everybody for the comments. It is the full pic i just cropped a bit the edges after the stacking
  11. Hello everybody, i would like to share with you my last target Scope: 8" Dob Synscan Goto Camera: Canon 1100D modded Subs 80 x 30sec. Dark: 40 Bias: 45 Honestly i thought that this cluster was a bit bigger but still i think is a little nice jewel As usual thanks for watching
  12. Yes and here with my second attempt and 50subs it confirm that the rotation field is not an issue: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/226207-ngc-6888-second-attempt/
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