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  1. Thanks for the replies and suggestions, I normally do not have this issue but perhaps there was a thin layer of mist in the air that night which carried the LP. I have managed to get rid of most of it without losing too much detail from the image.
  2. Hi, I have stacked the first part of my M42 stacked attempt but it has a lot of LP. Are there any tips or tricks to reduce or remove it? Image attached.
  3. I hate school nights, it's still beautifully clear but I have to be up for work at 5.30am. Got a great run on M42, looking forward to processing the images tomorrow. My home made dew heater performed brilliantly but the camera battery ran out of puff after 2 hours, plus it did yesterday as well. Wish I was still out there. Night all. Regards, Mikey.
  4. No fog in Northamptonshire currently, was set up and aligned in under 15 minutes. Happy days!
  5. Gave up just after 9 due to thin high stuff coming in. Regards, Mikey.
  6. Ok, nothing spectacular, Jupiter over exposed but was happy just to pick the moons out. This is just a single frame, I don't think I would be able to improve on it by much even by stacking, although I still had a lot of magnification to go. Jupiter 19th January 2014.tif
  7. Abandoned Jupiter as not enough focal length and resolution, saw the moons though so that was pretty cool. Trying the Orion Nebulas now.
  8. Star man (no pun intended), Thanks. :-)
  9. Clear in Northamptonshire currently. Camera currently trained on Jupiter until Orion gets a bit higher, then back to the Nebula's.
  10. Hi all, I am having issues with most CS2 functions being greyed out when I take an image from DSS to CS2 and can not see why. I have once managed to get it to work but no idea what I did. My normal process is as follows. 1. Open RW2 raw files in Silkypix and convert / save as 16 bit tif. 2. Load all frames to DSS and stack image. 3. DSS autosaves a tif file after processing is complete. 4. Open autosaved tif file in CS2. 5. Attempt to stretch levels but in menu Image / Adjustments, all options except channel mixer, photo filter and exposure are greyed out. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-25771510 My take on it is stock up on dew heaters and get to see the aurora borealis while you can! ;-)
  12. I figured the air in the tube would be warm from the heat band and that it would keep the filter clear.
  13. I think I have a solution although it is not ideal, especially for wide field. Panasonic make a lens tube which screws into the camera body to allow the mounting of telescopic lens. It is made from aluminium and would I think lends itself well to accepting a heat band. The end of the tube will also accept filters and I was thinking rather than leave it open to the elements it might be a good idea to fit a filter. My question is what type of filter would least affect night photography? Regards, Mikey.
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