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  1. Would ask if anyone here wants to sell this camera body? If happened to be so, I can give in exchange a 14" Edge HD from Celestron.
  2. Thanks to you all for comments! Ha was shot with Baader 7nm Ha filter and after this image I upgraded to a Astrodon 5nm Ha, so I think I need a Astrodon OIII... Very expensive.
  3. Hi, I took this image in autumn, been busy with my son, school and work all combined. Total Exposure is 36 hours. Luminance was almost useless. I think Ill return to this one next autumn if I manage to buy an OIII filter. 12" RC (GSO optics), 8300M camera and Eq8 mount. Bigger pics at my blog and small comparison between different channels. Story and full resolution here http://astro.galleria.fi/blog/39/M27%2Bupdated/
  4. I had nice imaging session last night. Not so funny image from security camera.. Small story here http://astro.galleria.fi/blog/
  5. Hi, Astronomical darkness is over. I made small write-up about GSO RC 12" image quality and how its evolved from 2013 to 2016. Also Messier 81 image on same topic. http://astro.galleria.fi/blog/32/M81+Season+Finale/
  6. Hi again! I made a small test with time-lapse to record an automated imaging sequence Here is link to blog and another video: http://astro.galleria.fi/blog/
  7. Hi Gina, Yes my intensions was to Upgrade to color camera. Something different than QHY.
  8. Hello! I captured some Time-lapse with DIY All sky camera, based on QHY 5 L II. I made small writing about driver issues with this camera and how to manage with them. Here is the story and video:http://astro.galleria.fi/blog/30/All+Sky+Camera+captures+its+firs+Aurora+time-lapse/ And just the Youtube Video:
  9. Hi, I made small writing about Obsy automation I bought half a year ago and how they've worked in cold climate. Here is the Link http://astro.galleria.fi/blog/
  10. I bought it from Lunatico Astronomia, about 85 euros.
  11. Hi, I got my upgraded GSO RC 12 back home. New mirror cell, rotator/focuser etc. http://astro.galleria.fi/blog/27/12%22+RC+returning+home/ Also a story of my DIY allskycamera http://astro.galleria.fi/blog/26/DIY+All-Sky+Camera/ My new address is www.astro.galleria.fi
  12. Hi, I started to build my own all-sky camera lately. Here is the link http://astro.galleria.fi/blog/26/DIY+All-Sky+Camera/ It uses QHY5 L II and fisheye. Casing is from cookiejar and dome from eBay.
  13. Hi, I started making my obsy more modern and more automated at this summer. -Rain sensor -UPS -Ascom compatible roof movement and sensors -Qhy 5 II L based Allsky cam There is also painting job for the roof and walls. The Obsy has cost to me about 1804 euros. here is the link for the small article http://frostlandobservatory.galleria.fi/blog/ More is coming.
  14. Worth of 500 dollars?!? In my opinion hell no, never, not even close. I made most of my observatory`s basic structures with almost same amount of money. I have some images of my pier at my blog, there is some building phases also http://frostlandobservatory.galleria.fi/blog/4/Astronomical+Observatory+construction+Part+1:+basic+structures/ Pier is constructed from a scrap metal pipe and old barbell weight, I just removed all rust and painted it, drilled holes for my Eq8 mount. It has been working perfectly for 3 years for now.
  15. Thanks for feedback to anyone! I knew this boosted saturation would divide opinions. I think it could be a bit less saturated, but just a small bit.
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