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  1. Many thanks Greg. Will be watching this one - if I get to see it that is - just hope it keeps on course Regards, Dave.
  2. James, that's superb!! Hopefully, when I've got chance this weekend will pop my 300D onto my LX90 and if I can track without too much movement will try the Ring Nebula. You've given me some ideas as to what exposures to use bearing in mind that the 90 is at F10 in prime focus...but looking forward to the session. Nice image though - I will have to work hard to match that one!! Cheers, Dave.
  3. Andrew - that was an excellent read!! Really enjoyed it and will certainly refer back to it Best regrads, Dave.
  4. Excuse the pun but - out of this World!! Superb image Martin, it's on my list at present Best regards, Dave.
  5. Nice shot Greg, How did you capture it? Was it a single exposure or a multiple stack? Saw it last night and the night before for the very first time - was absolutely stunned as the LX90 had only been set up on Vega and Arcturus and when using the handset and goto - went straight to it and stayed there with it!! Looking forward to capturing an image - with my 300D but not too sure what would be the best exposure period ( subject to movement ). I'll try with Prime focus through the 90 and hopefully may try again this evening, must admit though although not too much in the way of clouds, the sky seems to be full of a very light haze even around midnight. Anyway - seeing yours has given me the urge to carry on Cheers for now, Dave.
  6. Absolutely, fabulous image!! I was trying to capture last night - the wind was awful to say the least - will try this evening although there's some light cloud about. Got to get a Barlow !! Cheers, Dave.
  7. Hi James, Thanks for that - it's a 2.66 GHZ running 512 ram - only runs Stary night pro 5 in background. Have managed to use the link you advised and actually have got a couple of the AVI's running and processed - superb, just chopped the affending end of the file a couple of frames and re saved the AVI under a new name and it worked. Will be keeping myself busy now trying to make a decent Jupiter image. Really appreciate the help mate Best regards, Dave.
  8. Hi Gordon and James, Fantastic - will give them both a try - have been storing AVI's so looking forward to getting around this prob. Cheers guys, Really appreciated. B Regards, Dave.
  9. Hi All, Iv'e been using Registax3 and 2 and for some reason when nearly 95%+ the note pops up advising unable to decompress AVI frame - not too sure what that's all about but it stops the optimisation and stacking in it's tracks! If anyone has any info re this and what it may mean I would certainly appreciate any ideas anyone may have please. All the best for now, going to setup the scope for tracking Jupiter again - I love that Planet - :jupiter:. Cheers Dave.
  10. Hi Philip, Many thanks indeed for the pointers - will certainly give them a try. Managed to capture a few AVI's last night and will have a go this evening after 9:30 - 10:00 once it's a little darker. Iv'e been using Registax3 and 2 and for some reason when nearly 95%+ the note pops up advising unable to decompress AVI frame - not too sure what that's all about but it stops the optimisation and stacking in it's tracks! If you know what it may mean would appreciate any ideas anyone may have please. All the best for now, going to setup the scope fro tracking. Cheers Dave.
  11. Hi Philip, Thats a fabulous image of Jupiter - I'm quite jealous as it's far better than mine!! LOL This is my attempt from last night - I'm already set now for this evenings attempt - need to get more colour I feel. I did this one as an AVI from my Neximage and my 8" LX90 - prime focus. I got around 421 frames and put them through Registax 3. What do you think? PS Having difficulties when sending the image - being advised login details incorrect ! :? Will retry in a second or two ... Cheers Dave. -- Excellent think I've managed to attach th epic now
  12. Hi Gaz, Many thanks - appreciate your offer, look forward to the update. Best regards, Dave.
  13. Hi Steve and Gaz, Many thanks indeed for the info - have tracked down the connector required. Will go for the 9pin to USB lead - should do the job nicely. Appreciate the replies - off to ge the order done. Best regards, Dave, East Devon.
  14. Hi, good afternoon all, Does anyone know how can I can link the lead from my LX90 EMC to a laptop? I've got the lead which connects to the Handset on the LX90 and at the other end is a 9 pin 'female'. My laptop (Toshiba Satellite 2450-101) is fitted at the rear with a Serial port (15 pin) female) and the printer port also female. There is also 3 USB 2's. Is there a converter available that can be fitted between the 9 pin female and then either the serial port 15 pin female or better still a USB (female)? Hope that all makes sense?? Ideally the converter needs to have the male end at both ends! Any help would be really appreciated, I'd like to see if I can setup viewing via the laptop if possible using my Starry Night Pro 5. All the best for now, Dave, East Devon.
  15. Hi Martin 2 I'm just south of Exeter - pretty dark skies when you can see them and they're not obscurred by cloud and rain Thanx for the continual welcomes..certainly makes you feel very welcomed. As I'm weekend off...I'm determined to see if I can grab another pic or two of Jupiter, and next on my list is Venus. It might be a late night tonight - come rain or not just hope the cloud clears a little if possible. See you later folks, Best regards, Dave. East Devon.
  16. Hi All, Thank you for the posts, appreciate the comments on the Jupiter pic - I'm hoping to get a pic with the RED spot showing, it's all a matter of clear skies - and good viewing conditions but try each evening if it's not raining. I'll certainly have a go again this evening - I was so chuffed when I turned basically a spot in the sky into the Jupiter pic via the equipment of course but so pleased to have captured a recognisable image. Kain, yes you are correct - Lunatone is a Pokemon - my daughter chose it as it was related to both her favourite hobby (Pokemon) and mine (Astronomy) ! Must admit though Lunatone and Lunator could get confusing Gordon - I'll have to watch that!! Could always blame any spelling mistakes on my age (50) or my daughter for not picking another name like Lunatick!! LOL Just heard the weather forecast which says it will be pretty wet over the next couple of days - good for those who need to fill their reservoirs at least I suppose. Must get round to making up a signature too - will probably make up a logo too - need some more images of interest first though. All the best to all, Cheers, Dave. East Devon.
  17. Hi All, Many thanks indeed for the welcomes - very much appreciated! I'm just watching the clouds at the moment to see if I can grab an hour later for some more Jupiter pics!! There is some cloud rolling in from the west, so hopefully if I'm lucky may get a few minutes. I'm working earlies all week so need to be finished by 2230 latest but then, even a 30 minute viewing is worth the effort. Keeping fingers crossed - will post a pic if I'm lucky. Best regards to all and if you're viewing tonight - Clear Skies all round. Cheers, Dave. East Devon.
  18. Good evening all, Many thanks to Steve for advising me of this forum - enjoying the look around!! Not long been doing this as a past-time but am really hooked. Bought a LX90 EMC (8") from LCE in Exeter when they had their telescope day and Starry Night Pro V5. Now have a nice setup although still working things out - would love to connect it to the laptop as I believe should be able to track and search with the Pro V5 and LX90 - just need to manually focus. Hoping to get a Barlow lens soon as some of the images I've taken of Jupiter could be a lot better via the NexImage I purchased. Lots to learn and am enjoying the experience. Enjoying the banter on the site and hopefully make new friends with a hobby that's addictive to say the least - just need more clear skies !! Her's a pic of Jupiter taken on the 13th May - take a look - love to know if it's looking sort of right at least. All the best for now, Cheers, Dave. East Devon.
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