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  1. I read a book recently that made me think of the concept of absolute motion in a way that made sense to me. Even when I am sitting perfectly still in the comfort of my favourite arm chair, the chair I am sitting on is on a bit of ground spinning round on a planet moving around a star within a universe spinning around..... so when my Mum told me many years ago that I never sit still she obviously knew much more than she was letting on!
  2. I believe Groucho did say that about a few clubs but definitely not this one! I am really enjoying the 200p and glad I made the choice. Thanks for all your comments and the tip on what to get in the next few weeks, they will certainly will go on my wish list.
  3. Out tonight and just toured the night sky. Absolutely brilliant. Sure you are all doing the same. Is this not the best way to spend a Saturday night ever!
  4. I told the men in white coats to go away and buy a scope of their own!
  5. What I really like about it is you simply carry it out into the garden (which is no effort at all), place it down look at a clear bit of sky then go wow! To me dobsonian or goto is like a Sat Nav in your car. If you really need to be somewhere in a hurry great. But the real fun is taking a ride and enjoying the view Hope you all have pleasant journeys!
  6. As an owner of an ordinary straight tube dob that must make me a member of the Non FlexDob Mob. Do you want to be Shark or Jet!
  7. Thanks for all the welcomes. Sorry for such a late response but my ability to work out how to navigate this website is only matched by my inability to currently find Andromeda. I look forward to sharing my new found hobby with fellow loungers.
  8. 01:48, new to it all and I am out in the garden waiting for a gap in the clouds - do I need professional or medical help for this new addiction?!
  9. I tend to go to the magazine section at Tesco, briefly flick through Sky at Night and then Astronomy Now before buying the one that takes my eye the most. Got to admit I have far more copies of Astronomy Now on the coffee table
  10. Having been entirely fascinated by the night sky by what at 57 now really seems like a lifetime, I have finally got a 'proper telescope' (Skywatcher 200p). Before making my purchase, night after night I was on the internet typing things like 'skywatcher 200 v 150, goto v dobsonian etc...' Time and time again my searches led to this site. The comments, discussions and information I read was an absolute goldmine of valuable information. So to all loungers I just want to say thank you for your help in getting me connected to the night sky at long last.
  11. I have one of those orange street lights right next to my garden which lights it up like a Christmas tree! I recently bought a Skywatcher 200p and whilst looking east is ok, the west and south views are restricted by the light. Oh for those heady days of power cuts we had in the 70's
  12. I remember when I was around 11 years old being on holiday somewhere in Devon (must be around 1967). What impressed on my young mind at the time was the number of stars that were visible in the dark night sky. Even more lingering in the deep recess of that memory is the haunting white shimmer behind the countless stars visible at the time. My first glimpse of our milky way. All these years later I still dream about that night sky. Grown up and now and living on the outskirts of London such a site can only remain a memory from many years ago. The desire to relive that night sky has echoed in th
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