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  1. Holy cow. That sure looks simple and easy. Nice to see alternatives . Could help to the future.. Sent from my SM-G900W8 using Tapatalk
  2. Did the B&Q container come with the foam and if it did, was it cut specifically for the C11?Sent from my SM-G900W8 using Tapatalk
  3. I use Skytools 3 pro and want to use it with my telescope outdoors but I am having great difficulty dealing with the wires and chairs and tables along with the telescope with its mount and tripod ouside at night. And in a field with night creatures walking around.. I guess I am saying I am finding it hard to get organized with all this stuff but I am sure others have found a way.. I guess if I had no cables on the ground to trip on, than that might help. But what about the dew. Always something. maybe just entering coordinates into the hand controller of my AZEQ6 would get me the objects I
  4. Yes. And no. I first adjust the RA angle so the line containing the small circle is absolutely straight ( up and diwn). I than adjust the clock to set the new zero position. Than I get the HA figure off the handset and set it on the clock. Bingo. You are now ready put Polaris in that little circle. Works absolutely perfect. Sent from my SM-G900W8 using Tapatalk
  5. I follow the Astonomy examples and everything works perfectly. I have the same mount (azeq6). I take the hour angle that comes up and turn the RA axis around to enter that info. Bing. Perfect every time.. Sent from my SM-G900W8 using Tapatalk
  6. I recently upgraded to a celestron C11 scope and have the AZEQ6 mount on which to mount it. My question is - what is the best way to get that rascal on the mount?.. I have put it on by sitting the scope on the mount and getting it to fit in/between the jaws of the mount. It worked n But seemed awkward. Also I tried and finally was able to slide it on the mount which took some patience in finding the groves in the mount. Awkward again . Wish I could see where the scope sits so I could properly mate it with the groves.. Anyway... I was wondering how others might be mounting their scope. I pres
  7. I will have a look at the Stanley tool box. I heard about that but didn't really believe that was true.. Thanks...
  8. Thanks for the response. Certainly something to think about...
  9. Wondering what people are using for a container to carry and store their C11 scope. I heard it said that a tool box would work. I have a cardboard box right now but there has to be something more professional and secure..
  10. I am thinking about buying a SKYBT unit to use with skysafari 4 pro. I would like to know if anyone else has used the skybt and is it worth buying. I use the Skywatcher AZEQ6 mount. And hope to plug the skybt into this unit. Will this be a good move and does this skybt work good with the AZEQ6 mount?? Sent from my SM-G900W8
  11. But....how does SKYBT work? Sent from my SM-G900W8
  12. Has anyone used SKYBT and skysafari with a AZEQ6 mount? I have the software. Just wondering now if it's worth getting the SKYBT attachment? Sent from my SM-G900W8
  13. I agree with m17 . Wow what a beautiful site especially with a uhc filter.
  14. What I do is climb on top of the car. And wait. And use your two-watt Lazer if u see them. Works for me with aligators.
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