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  1. Well my dream set up would be the Lunt 90 degree Apo binoculars with a set of nice eyepieces, a super stable mount set up and a nice comfy starchair, but that wont happen ever so maybe a nice 80mm Apo refractor for quick easy comfortable set ups and nice crisp wide field views will do me for now, oh and a car so i can get out again!
  2. As usual I cant post links or pics for some stupid reason its so annoying!
  3. If you go on the APM facebook page they have on display the new 90 degree apo version they just released pics and some specs, retail is around 3195!
  4. Cheers, shows both at APM, cant see why he sells both makes as they are the same?
  5. Unfortunately the site wont let me post links of either!
  6. The apm 100 binos are the same as the lunt apo binos, I think they just sell them as lunt in the states, far as I know they are the same!
  7. Check on the cloudy nights forum there is quite a few there with this model and posts that address any issues.
  8. I just sold my 25x100 quantum 4s, fantastic widefield views, great views of m42, orion, Andromeda etc etc, but I had a P mount specially built, and as great as they were, the straight through eyepieces and bulky set up needed which I needed help with coupled with a knackered back it had to go, I just want an ed80 apo and tripod and I will be happy with my lot now!
  9. I am skint since being made redundant, started off with a mak127 as my first scope, lost interest within weeks as I have no patience for goto at the time, took it to a dark sky site with the Sunderland astro club last year and spent most of my time trying to align it until it dewed up then realised all the extra parephanalia you had to have with it, I wanted it easy and 1 of the lads lent me his binos, WOW I just loved the widefield view and sold my mak, had a p mount made and bought my 25x100 quantum 4s, fantastic views and although there is a lot I cant see, what I can see is fantastic, but setting up the beast is a 2 person affair and I have a dodgy back, so have sold them to the club for star parties we have at our club observatory, especially handy for wheelchair users who miss out being unable to get chairs etc in our small dome, Getting back to the point, I have looked through some very high end bling scopes of every design, nothing has impressed me to be honest until I looked at one of the guys new ed80 apo he bought for astrophotography, great handy compact size, gorgeous crisp views, decent widefield views and obviously I can change the mags, so if and when I get myself out my slump, I will get myself one of these, its all I need unless I win the lottery and first thing I will get is some APM APO binoculars on a top notch mount, I just prefer bino views over everything else, even the club members loved my quantums, great for chasing the ISS, comets and everyone agreed the Andromeda galaxy and Orion's Nebula were the best views they had seen, as they brought out more nebulosity and brightness even though the scopes showed it bigger with more stars!
  10. A review with a translate function - http://www.binomania.it/recensione-del-binocolo-apm-100-ed-apo-45-i-parte-osservazione-terrestre/
  11. Anyone taken the plunge yet and bought some? I don't know of anyone in the UK that have even looked through a pair yet and would like some more reviews,
  12. My 25x100 apollos see Andromeda as a big grey smudge if conditions are poor, when its clear there great, at a proper dark sky site there amazing, it fills my whole field of view and shows the smaller galaxy next to it no problem, bright core etc etc and looking through every telescope at my club and dark sky visits, everybody agreed by far it was the best view they had seen of it even though it appears bigger in other scopes with some extra detail the bino view was spectacular, another thing to consider is quality of optics, I am reading great reviews of the APM apo binos but there 2.5k to buy, if I had the money I would have a pair no question about it, I have looked at Andromeda through the 15x70s and it still looked decent enough but I am never expecting to pick out every object in the universe in spectacular colour with my bins, I am more than happy with the lower power wide field views over the faff on looking at stuff with scopes, so far I am pretty underwhelmed with what I have seen so far with scopes even expensive ones and all the equipment and setting up etc needed, I just want to set mine up on my p mount and sweep massive areas of sky I find it far more awe inspiring.
  13. I suffer from arthritis in both knees and starting in my hips and lower back and some other joints, its painful for me to stoop and some of the scopes at the clubs I have used I can use only seconds at a time so I bought binos and have a p mount made, its nice but as there straight through types I still struggle with some angles and its a pain to set up. I have briefly looked through and been impressed by a small 65 and an 80mm refractor, light portable, excellent images and easy to man handle about, so personally I would use this option or a small pair of binos unless you can come up with a bino chair and remain seated to take the weight off and leave your hands free if you fancy bigger sizes or even ones with 45 or 90 degree eyepieces. I am no expert just a beginner but the pain I get spoils viewing for me most of the time and takes some of the fun away, partly due to the cold weather I stiffen up and my back kills me after an hour, good luck and maybe visit a local club and try a few things out before you spend your money!
  14. For that sort of money I would have bought these, fantastic semi apo binos, have really excellent write ups on the forums, just waiting for the full apo version coming out this month and seeing there reviews - http://www.apm-telescopes.de/en/Binoculars/Giant-Binoculars-100mm-aperture-and-more/APM-100-mm-ED-SemiApo-Binocular.html
  15. While I agree with the above comments, last night I was looking through my helios Apollo 25x100s with custom made p mount and also got to try the celestron 15x70 on a normal tripod, I found the smaller ones a lot easier to manage and the views were pretty good but not a patch on the views with the bigger binos, but saying that, I would kill for the simpler lighter set up as mine are a PITA to set up as its quite cumbersome and need 2 people to lift and balance everything while its all being connected, so its horses for courses, also the straight view eyepieces can be a pain aswell if looking at high engles, if I ever get the money I will be buying big binos with 45 degree eyepieces and a really sturdy normal tripod that I can manage on my own as its not good for my arthritis, Failing that I also had a chance to view stuff through an ed80 scope and a revelation 60 mm scope, and got awesome steady pin sharp views on Jupiter etc and was really impressed but I love the bino views more, roll on a lotto win for some 100 mm apo binos and I will be set for life!
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