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  1. Hi, I thought I would try and track down the maker of my bins. Photos attached, any ideas? They are 7x50 with graticule (marine version of something or other) I wonder if these are Tasco, purely based on the colour of the case? Any help appreciated.
  2. Braun should probably stick to making over priced electric razors...
  3. BK7 prism is a new concept I just brought out, might have to consider a patent for it btw!
  4. Anyone have any experience of these? Bk7 prism 40 odd quid sounds like a bargain, any news or reviews would be welcome. Happy to tripod these if heavy! Many thanks
  5. Welcome, don't forget the binos, very grab and go! They only have to be half decent to start with
  6. Welcome back, you do know that traditionally Boxing day morning is the poorest nights weather of the year. There is normally a thick cloud over my head, viewing is at best blurry and for what ever reason the head thumps painfully until at least the hair of the dog, lunch time small tipple! Clear skies
  7. Brilliant thank you very much for the rapid response!
  8. I would like to replace two bolts that secure my OTA rings to the mount via rings, the bolts say SM 48 on them, I am trying to source 'wing' bolt variations. Anyone go any ideas? I can't even find SM 48 as a point of reference except a pop group Thanks
  9. I would love to polar align my EQ3-2 in the garden and leave it there for a few days... months... years. If I put a tarpaulin over it would that be sufficient, perhpas loads of lubrication and what not? I would take off the OTA, finder, and my RA tracker. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  10. Okeydokey


    Welcome to the SGL, I can only suggest you ask away, you will find everyone here very helpful, clear skies!
  11. I took my bino's out this evening, having trapped a nerve in my neck. I used the bathroom mirror on the garden table and was pleasantly surprised by the result. I don't use a tripod for the bino's (7 x 42) but enjoyed some useful observations leaning with my elbows on the table. I wouldn't mind buying a good quality mirror and doing this more routinely, I can easily knock up a downward pointing table top bino mount. Is there a system, standard or similar that grades flat mirrors, or can anyone recommend a supplier? Many thanks
  12. Sounds like you could be off to a good start with the 150P, welcome to SGL
  13. Welcome, I understand your thinking, painful having to choose a scope, I share your pain!
  14. Micro economics, damn! should have paid more attention at school. They always told me I 'could do better'.
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