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  1. Hi all Hope your all well. Hope i've posted this in the right place, apologies if i haven't:) I'm planning a bit of a road trip to Scotland for a few days between late Jan to mid Feb (possibly). Just wondered whether anyone had a any recommendations for where and when to get the best viewing results (obviously whether permitting haha). I know it's probably a little vague but i was hoping that maybe someone had been before . Many Thanks John
  2. My names John and i just wanted to say a quick hello and what a great forum (so much information). I'm just starting out after having a bought a new scope and getting a hand me down camera from my dad but astronomy's something i've always been really interested in:). Getting really interested in astrophotography side after taking a couple of 100 shots of the moon (still sorting through them lol). Anyway, nice one guys
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