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    Saving up to be an astroimager! Proud Dad of 2 lovely kids. Supporter of Huddersfield Town Football Club.
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    Bolton, Lancs
  1. Ta for that Steve, my mate runs win 7 and he says its fine. But win10 doesnt sound too bad now. ?!
  2. I was hoping to get something decent with £250? I have seen some fine ones for £340 ish though, which would do the trick!
  3. Ok great idea, I will have a look now Cheers Steve!
  4. Oh great thanks Steve, I only found win 10 laptops at pcworld, but I will have another look around. There are some decent refurbished laptops around as well which I might consider. Thanks
  5. That is handy to know thanks Peter!
  6. Thanks ampleamp i will lookout for win7 and with specs that everyone has recommended Cheers guys.
  7. Hi and thanks for the replies, its most helpful. Any ideas on the windows type, is 7 the best or will windows 10 run the astro apps I have? All the new laptops at pcworld are loaded with 10. Thanks again..
  8. Hello! I am asking for help in selecting a new laptop suitable for all the astronomy apps I have. I have just received a hitecastro usb lead from FLO and successfully connected my HEQ5 Pro to my laptop, and guided successfully for the first time last night , a giant leap for me lol, but this old slow laptop running Vista cannot cope with eqmod, Carte du Ciel and metaguide all at the same time, and after 10 minutes of guiding it crashed and that was the end of my fun. I would be grateful if anyone could offer advice on what windows system (8 or 10) and ram size, dual / quad or amd processor, etc, before I go out and buy the wrong laptop! Here are the programmes I will be using , untill I can afford Maxim DL :Registax, Deep Sky stacker, GIMP, Autostakkert, Metaguide, Carte du Ciel, EQMod, EQAscom, Hitecastro usb to heq5 lead, PhD Guiding, Sharpcap and finally wxAstrocapture. Thank you ! Rick
  9. Hi thanks for pointing that out ! I will go with the dedicated flattener and reducer i think. Its just a matter of saving up for it. There aren't any on ebay or astro buy n sell they must be quite rare!
  10. Hi and thanks for your reply ! Yep i will wait a bit longer and get the dedicated one. And the adapter ring u have to purchase too! With delivery charge its just shy of £190. :-0
  11. Ok thanks for the reply Steve, i will hang on a bit and get the dedicated one soon as.
  12. Hi, I have a skywatcher ed80 and was wondering if this field flattener will be ok for it. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/reducersflatteners/skywatcher-field-flattener.html It says used for scopes f5.5 to f6.0, but will improve results with scopes "narrowly outside this band". Would you consider my f7.5 narrowly outside this band or is it too far out? I know they do one perfectly matched for an ed80 , but that is a reducer as well as a flattener. (£159) Thank you in advance Rick
  13. Hi and welcome ! Love your 1st astro pic !!
  14. Thanks for posting your pics Patrick and gkec, & i will take my darks out and retry it tomorrow again, but i think the main issue is light pollution and me not guiding & extending my subs to get more stars.
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