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  1. i woke up at 3 and viewed until about 4am in quite light polluted skies and only saw 1 although it was quite a nice one, it was faint but travelled pretty much all the way through gemini, skies were very clear.
  2. its very clear here in harrow but diwali fireworks are quickly creating blankets of smoke, its like friggin world war 3!
  3. I thought this morning was the peak at around 4am, so i got up at 4am to be presented with typical british clouds! it looks to be relatively clear tonight could be good! fingers crossed.
  4. I havent used my 10" scope for over 3 months now because of the light issue, our next door neighbours stay up till 1am sitting in the garden with the spotlight, while smoking weed, i dont really want to be smelling weed while looking at the stars, kind of ruins the tranquility of it all. Also, the council has just put up new street lamps on my road and taken down the old ones, there was 4 all together before and now there is 12 lol, there really is no point anymore as i have totally given up, thats what i get for living in london!
  5. nitram100

    Comet Swan

    very true, my view is totally blocked my a huge block of flats, crappy old london!
  6. check what vane the orion newt has, the 2 vane spider is very chunky and also the focuser is a bit Rubbish, but the optics are the best ive used easily.
  7. Hi guys, just to let you know, i used that neat little barlow trick using my celestron barlow and luckily it was just a bit more out focus that i needed, i also found an extension tube which will allow me to use the 2" eyepieces aswell. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7631020290&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AVRI&rd=1 it will be exempt from any customs charges so looks pretty good, is that a decent price? Thanks!
  8. Hi guys, some great info there, thanks alot! I will try that nifty little barlow trick tonight and home it is only the out travel which is the problem, which it looks to be that way as Jupiter was literally just about to focus when i ran out of out travel. My scope is pretty fast at f4.8, would this have something to do with the problem? http://www.scopesnskies.com/prod/antares/telescope-focuser/newtonian/crayford.hml This is the one i bought here mate, its very smooth and seems well constructed, im looking forward to using it properlly!
  9. Hi guys, using geppettos advice i managed to get it done and looks to be working fine apart from the fact that i run out of focus tube before i have focused an object, so i assume i need a 1.25" extension tube! does anyone know where i could buy one? ive had a look on the net to no avail! Thanks for any more advice! Martin
  10. Thanks for the info guys! gepetto that sounds like a very good plan, exactly what im going to do when i get in from work! Thanks!
  11. Hi guys, i was wondering if someone could give me some advice. I have bought a 2" crayford to upgrade my crappy 1.25" focuser on my orion optics 10". Ive taken the old focuser out and enlarged the diamater of the circle in the tube to compensate for the crayfords larger footprint. Is there anything i should be aware of when aligning the crayford up for the new holes to be drilled, does the secondary have to be preciscley in the middle, for example, if after i had drilled the focuser in and when looking through it, the secondary wasnt exactly in the middle? could i fix this with a collimation? I think im being paranoid, just thought i would ask you guys first! Thanks for any help! Martin
  12. my 10" f4.8 tube is perfect, made from rolled steel i believe, only criticiscm would be the crappy crappy GEM1 mount that it came with, the thing can just about hold a 6" let alone a 10"!
  13. Gordon, you wouldnt happen to know the best place to replacement spiders would you? im really eager to change to chunky 2 vane spider on my orion optics europa! Thanks for any info!
  14. I can only comment on standard orion optics 1/4 th wave optics, i use the europa 10" f4.8 and have compared it with a skywatcher 10" and 10" revelation dobsonian, my mirror was clearly of higher standard. I could pick out smaller details easier on my europa, as an example.. a ganymede transit on jupiter was easy to see through my scope using a 12.5mm UO ortho, it just popped out at me. Using the same eyepiece in the revelation and skywatcher i could just about see the transit, i really had to concentrate and im pretty sure all the scopes were properlly collimated, if anything my collimation was the worst! So i can imagine a 1/6th wave with hilux coatings would be considerably better! I dont think you can go wrong when it comes to orion optics to be honest, apart from the damn chunky 2 vane spider on my europa, im not sure if they have changed to a 4 vane for the dobs, might wanna check that out!
  15. http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=6761 an mn68 was listed on astrobuysell today, looks pretty decent.
  16. I wish it had skyscan lol! just the mount im afraid, so 340 is a pretty decent price then. Thanks again for the info!
  17. Hi guys, just thought id run the price of this second hand eq6 by you, hes selling it to me for £340, thats with the 2 inch steel tripod and ra/dec drives. Is this is a pretty decent price for 2nd hand? Thanks for further info! Martin
  18. thanks alot rus thats great info! the one that my mate is selling me has an illuminated scope so it looks like its a Mk II. Thanks again!
  19. Hi guys, could somebody kindly tell me what the differences/improvements were between the earlier eq6 and the newer ones? I am buying one off a friend in a few days and just wanted to know if i was getting an older or newer version, any way i can tell? thanks! Martin
  20. wouldnt surprise me if it was the labour party
  21. Thanks alot for the quick replys guys! Gaz, the mount that my friend is offering is also a HEQ5 with dual drives so thats definately a bonus! I think i will buy it after hearing what a good deal it is, i will now have this for planets and quick observations and use my other 10" europa for deep sky stuff! One question if you guys dont mind! Do you think that the HEQ5 would be able to handle my 10" europa? as it is currently sitting on an old GEM1 and get quite a few vibrations when veiwing at high magnifications. Thanks again guys
  22. Hi guys, was this a good deal? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7617688287&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWN%3AIT&rd=1 reason i ask is that i have been offered pretty much the same setup for a similair price! Thanks Martin
  23. Hi guys, im looking to get a decent barlow lens to go with my eyepieces and have been offered this meade barlow for £45, does it sound like a good deal? also has anyone used this barlow and care to share their opinions? Thanks for any information! Martin
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