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  1. Amazing, very jealous! Had my first view through a 20" Obsession last week in Oregon, saw the needle galaxy, m13, m81 etc totally blew my mind.

    I have a 10" newt but it's simply useless under london skies, in fact my 10x25 monocular view looked similair to my 10" view haha.

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  2. Hi Pete, so sorry for slow reply have only just seen this.

    I sold my original GEM 1 mount head and tripod as it just wasn't nearly enough for the 10" and I am visual only.

    I swapped out both, so i bought the NEQ6 Pro head and the EQ6 pro tripod.

    I kept the same tube rings that Orion Optics supplied, attached these to a 12" Skywatcher dovetail and replaced the Skywatcher Puck with a Losmandy, although the puck replacement wasn't really necessary.

    The setup works great and can now view and focus without any wobble in the eyepiece, I am still looking for a dob mount though as the EQ6 Pro takes me too long to setup and under London skies, it's just not worth it most of the time.

    Good Luck mate.

  3. Thanks John, after doing some reading I think you're right. Better to spend some more cash and get a few good eyepieces. In all honesty, is Televue the only real option? For wide angle eyepieces with a f4.8 scope? Or is there an in between brand of eyepieces that would suffice. 



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  4. 8 hours ago, Moonshane said:

    Just a bit of advice. Make sure you obscure your detailed coordinates. Don't want to advertise expensive kit in gardens unecessarily ?

    There are some lucky people ?

    I am hoping I can build an observatory at the end of the garden and hide myself away from lights / face East which should give me a shot ?


    My skies are so bad, my scope has been collecting dust for years so zero chance of it ever being in the garden haha.

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  5. I was visiting the Grand Canyon on the 24th and could not believe it when I saw a 10" dob outside the visitor centre, I immediately began speaking to a lovely fellow astronomy named Dennis, while my girlfriend sat on the bench nearby for 45 minutes haha. 

    I did not realize that the star party was on, how lucky was I! 

    Returned the next evening, saw a lecture by Dean Regas and really enjoyed.  We then proceeded into the parking lot where about 48 scopes were waiting, huge dobs, refractors  etc I was like a kid in a candy store.

    Living in the cesspit that is London, I could not believe what was above me! The stars were unbelievable, I could only recognize corona borealis and ursa major! The Milky was low, but incredibly bright with dark lanes clearly visible. If only I had my scope! 

    Saw Jupiter, Saturn, Lagoon Nebula, M57, M51, M13 and more. Amazing night, thanks to anyone involved, my girlfriend was amazed by M13 and Saturn, her first time looking through a scope! 

    Would do anything to have skies even remotely similar to those. 

  6. Hi guys, 


    I am trying to source a fastener for my OO 10" Europa tube ring. 


    That is an image, with a rubbish arrow pointing to the part that snapped last night in the cold weather, luckily the other tube ring stayed intact otherwise the entire scope would have slid onto the concrete floor. 

    These older Orion Optics models really are dreadful in terms of engineering!

    So yeh, looking for a replacement for that bottom part where the ball of the fastener sits. 


    Thanks for any help guys,

  7. Hi guys, 

    Been looking at buying a coma corrector for my F.4.8 Newt in sig. It will be strictly visual use and was wondering which is the best bang for buck out there? 

    I've been looking at the Baader mk3, gso, explore scientific one etc I can get the Baader MK3 for £122.

    Thanks for any advice, Mart

  8. I think seeing Uranus for the first time was one of the best telescope observations I've had, I could not believe you could see it as a blue/greenish disc. I had a good night a few weeks ago where I got a good viewing of both Uranus and Neptune on the same night. It does help when they are near some other stars which you can hop from. I tried again a few nights later and could not find Uranus as it had moved away from any handy stars.

    Have to agree, seeing Uranus for the first time last night it was some thing special. It was very, very small even at 200x in my Europa but could easily make out the greenish color to it.

    How did you find the view in your Europa?

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