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  1. I dropped them an e-mail last night so i'm sure i'll hear back soon. The nut holding the rod is pretty firm, can't undo it with fingers, which means i'll probably mark the nut when unscrewing with a wrench and then credibility can come into question as to where fault lies. Doesn't really help that I'm saying it has arrived broken 2 weeks after my wife ordered it for me (she wouldn't let me open it). Don't want to really start taking it apart until i hear back from them to find out what the solution/next step is. Thanks for the responses.
  2. I got it new from first light optics, they mirror is very firm. The only play in the movement of the mirror is in the bend of the supporting rod itself. I'm pretty sure it is broken, but just wanted to get a second opinion before trying to collimate/fix with tools/send it back when i really don't know what i'm doing in the first place. Thanks guys.
  3. i have now re-orientated them but don't know how to edit my post, they are all to be rotated 90degrees. do i just try and collimate from here, or ask for a replacement?
  4. just unboxed my first telescope... sky watcher heritage 130p I think the secondary mirror, or whatever it maybe called looks very bent out of place. If i look through the place where the eyepiece would go i can not see the entire mirror below, maybe about 5% square on and if i angle my eye up to the max as if looking down through the 25mm hole i can maybe increase it to about 70% view. I really don't think this is normal, and this is my first telescope so i really don't know what to expect. i'll get some pics up soon so you know what i'm going on about but is this normal? was hoping to see so
  5. I really do like it, but then i'm just back to pushing it just a little further and a little further until I end up with something that resembles the 300p and then I'm looking at EQ mounts that would fit it and I'm off to the races... Will i be able to see impressive sights with a 130? the rings on saturn, the bands on jupiter, maybe a nebula or a galaxy ? I know whats up there, just its really hard to work out what the actual view will be from youtube and people trying their best to video things with iphones and point and shoot cameras.
  6. The reason that I'm going for the 130p skywatcher heritage is because I want the experience to be fun, spontaneous, easy, yet rewarding. I'm very new to this hobby, I grew up in the country side, no lights for 5 miles, seen the stars every night for my entire childhood, I've seen many shooting stars by accident, then moved to the city, I've studied astrophysics, fallen in love with many Hubble pictures, seen the stars from the volcanic crater of Mount Teide in Tenerife and seen Saturn and her rings though a telescope in the valley of the kings in Luxor. When I first started looking and rese
  7. Thanks for the quick replies. I've never heard of a Telrad. My telescope comes with a red dot finder, does this serve a similar job? from what i understand its a rough aim, then a fine hunt to find what you're looking for. I've had no direct experience with this so don't know how much help, time or hair to pull out i'll need to help with this quest. Are all plansipheres the same (other than north/south (if thats even a thing)) are some better than others? I have an iphone so I was wondering if there might be something that would serve a similar purpose for that, whilst also being back lit
  8. New to the hobby and first time poster. I've been wanting to get into astronomy for a long time and have decided to get a telescope. After a week of searching and evaluation. I've decided to get a Skywatcher heritage 130p as I think it is the best balance between performance and usability. Something that I won't feel burdened by, always a pleasure to use and perfect to enjoy. I'm getting it for my birthday (in 3 weeks) and am filling in my time between now and then with research. Currently reading turn left at orion and i'm going to go to the library to pick up some books on broader astron
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