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  1. i have brought a few things from there and i have a few adds too, no problems so far .. atleast make sure you can call the seller .
  2. astrojunkie1

    Diy 4 inch F2.9 Refractor

    Some photos of my Diy 4 inch i made
  3. My name is Dave and im down in the south east (London) where the sky's are polluted with light but im fortunate to have a dark back yard good enough to spot the two stars either side of m13 on a good night. My current scopes are... Helios 5 inch F8.3 refactor Diy 4 inch F2.9 refactor In construction a Diy 5 inch F 3.6 refactor Diy 9 inch reflector dob base Mirrors in progress..12 inch F5 19mm plate glass 13 inch F6 or 7 19mm plate glass 9 inch F6 19mm plate glass My first introduction to astronomy was at the age of 5 standing in the front garden with my grandad looking trough a pair of binoculars.The next time i looked up was when i was 15 trough a 60mm refactor and i remember Saturn bobbing around looking dark and not very sharp.My real interest in scopes came in 1992 when while looking at a 6 inch reflector for sale i saw out of the corner of my eye a very large dob in the corner of the room so i asked with great interest where it was purchased from and was given a name and was pointed to an area about 5 km away and was told "somewhere over there". It didn't take me long to locate the person who made the scope and from then over the years we became good friends and i enjoyed many days and nights either sitting in his workshop or staring into the hevans with his scopes. 1992 was a long time ago now but i still remember those days like they where yesterday, i can still smell the coal tar pitch !!. After making a more permanent move to the UK i thought it time again to start looking skywards since it was a new hemisphere to explore i tough why not.
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