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  1. i have a orion 8" and i haven't regretted buying it. it is real great all around!
  2. by the way your owners manual should say this but collimation is very simple and you do not need an 80$ tool to do it all you got to do is put a collimation cap on and on the bottom of your tube you should see six knobs it may very with the scope but in general there should be three thin screws and three thick short ones and the short ones are the ones you do the adjusting with and the skinny tall ones loosen it so you can adjust it. after you loosen it up with the skinny ones use the thick ones to make the adjustment and just get the center dot in the doughnut.
  3. I would use this atlas its free and is pretty good. the second edition is on a4 paper that might be a problem for you but should keep you happy, as far as EPs go just look at televue.com clear skies happy birthday.
  4. this is what I use http://www.deepskywatch.com/deep-sky-hunter-atlas.html
  5. if you think you are staying in stargazing get vey good eyepieces like the TV (televue) cause you noob plossl 32mm and 11mm would do great
  6. just don't rush it dude just keep trying and you'll get there.
  7. If you want to go cheap for the app you get the free google skymap which is okay but you change locations restart the app because it does not automatically reset locations.
  8. TwoPi I like google star map and its free just if you know its not right or if you moved to a new location restart your phone.
  9. what atlas should I get, cause I am new to this and I could use some help. thanks.
  10. i can see your point but once you get good its way better to have dark skies. by the way burn the heretic lol. no offense
  11. well I am getting the xt8 and it is shipping right now.
  12. waiting just keep waiting for my 8'' dob

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