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  1. What sort of tripod would take the Giro Mini?. is it a 3/8 thread? I cannot find many that have interchangeable heads
  2. I have a tripod similar to the Hama one but find it not much better than the supplied. The main problem is it being too jerky when you move it and not being able to move it small amounts. The Giro mini looks good but outside of my budget.
  3. Hi All Does anyone have any suggestions for a suitable lightweight tripod for a Travelscope 70? I currently use an Alt-Az 3 at home but find it a little big for my ruckack. Any Suggestions are much appreciated.
  4. Poundland sell rolls of double sided foam tape. Sorry I can't remember the price.
  5. All the objects you are trying to view are fairly low in the sky at the moment, so viewing is not going to be very good for any of us.
  6. As far as I am aware you cannot use the Travelscope without either an erecting prism for star diagonal. I tried it myself and could not achieve focus.
  7. I have seen Jupiter a few times quite clearly with my Travelscope, I use an Alt-Az3 and a 6mm plossl. Yes there was CA but it wasn't too bad. To be honest the 4mm that comes with the Travelscope is not very good, I believe it is a Huygens eyepiece
  8. Hi The armoured cable should be connected the the earth in the consumer unit, this will provide an earth in the obsy if it is correctly installed
  9. I have that adaptor. Does the skymax90 have a tripod thread in the mounting plate?
  10. A point of interest. CEX sell the Xbox live cam for £2
  11. I use mine on an alt-az3, although I would like a more compact one that will go in the backpack. I have noticed a lot of the cheaper ones always seem to move every time you tighten either the pan or tilt.
  12. Thank you but I am not looking for another newt.
  13. I am looking to add to my modest scope collection. I currently have a Astromaster 130eq and a Travelscope 70 on an alt-az3 mount. Would it be worth me adding a Skymax 90 for mainly planetary viewing to take with me caravanning and would the alt-az3 be a suitable platform for it?. Many thanks
  14. +1 for the Ironing chair. Picked a new one up for £4 in the cats welfare charity shop
  15. Hi I have an AM130eq. For visual I find it very good, although I have nothing to compare it with. The mount and finder are poor. The finder I replaced with a Rigel. The mount I stripped down and removed all the Synta glube and recoated with copper grease, this has removed most of the vibration when using the slow motion controls. For AP I think you would be limited to webcam and maybe digiscoping. You can get a motor drive for it to help with longer exposures. Overall I find the scope to be very good, better still with the small mods I have done. I know some people don't like it and I would pr
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