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  1. Thanks, everyone. Greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi Everyone, This is a pairing, er triplet, that I've wanted to image for a very, very long time now and I have finally had the opportunity to do so. Once again Al Nitak just cannot let go of the lime light and has created a spotlight onto M78. Though the distance is quite large between the two objects, there is a very good chance that the FSQ's 88mm image circle has Al Nitak sitting within it's diameter shining its brilliance into my image. I kinda like it, to be honest and adds a different feeling to it. That's just me. I'm still battling the tilt that I have in my optical train which will
  3. Thank you very much, everyone. It's greatly appreciated. Please don't be shy about critcizing and providing me how I would improve. This helps myself and others. Thanks again!
  4. Well that's incredibly stupid... I cannot edit my original post after a prespecified delta? Well instead of the X3 link, here's the original full resolution: http://www.straightontillmorning.me/Astronomy/Nebulae/i-GbXLXz9/0/O/ic1396.jpg
  5. I would post up full resolution images, but I had a little incident where people were reposting my images without giving me any credit. I wasn't mad, but all I asked for was proper credit to be applied and they could use my images provided it wasn't for commercial purposes. They responded by deleting them off of their site without a word. I have been spooked ever since and I know I'm being a touch unreasonable with my paranoia at this point.
  6. I prefer your 2nd rendition. What software suite do you use to process?
  7. Hi Everyone. It has been quite sometime since I've last posted and thought to share one of my latest images; IC 1396 in LRGB. Comments and criticisms are very much welcome. Thank you for looking. Scope: Tak FSQ 106 EDXIII Mount: Astro-Physics Camera: FLI ML16803 Filter(s): Astrodon LRGB FL: F5 @530mm Software: PixInsight 1.8RC7, SGP Pro Integration Time: 11h Lum: 15 x 1200s (5h) RGB: 8 x 900s each (6h total) Bigger: http://www.straightontillmorning.me/Astronomy/Nebulae/i-GbXLXz9/0/X3/ic1396-X3.jpg
  8. A little bigger: http://www.straightontillmorning.me/Astronomy/Nebulae/i-LqghdNv/1/X3/ngc7k-X3.jpg
  9. Good day everyone, Here is my latest project; a two panel mosaic of the IFN in a classical area around M81 and M82. Luminance only at this time. I am working on the colour data and completely screwing with it. I have a rendition that highlights the details in the galaxies much better than this, but still have not masked them in. All work completed in PixInsight. Thank you for looking and all thoughts are welcome. Basic specs: 15m subs * 8 per panel = 2h per panel for a total of 4h integration for luminance Taken with: Tak FSQ with .73x reducer FLI ML16803 Astrodon Lum March 1 GTO
  10. The winters here in the Northern US have been a nightmare leaving little room for any data capture and have me simply lurking the forums with envy. Thankfully there are many of folks out there that make their data available for public use and this is one such image. Thank you! WIth that said, here is a data set provided by Roberto Colombari of Eta Carinae (an object that I love) in HaLRGB. I orginally stated (in another forum) that the image was fully processed in PI, which is not entirely true, but a very small part was also done in PS CS6 CC. Thank you for looking and as always I'm very op
  11. Very well done. Sent from my SM-P600 using Tapatalk
  12. I was at the point where I was going to submit it to the naming body to see if anyone has found it already.
  13. Dude, great freaking eye! There is another one that I have found by chance that is a very interesting ring structure that is east of Melotte 15, but Fabian Neyer had found a full year before I.
  14. Brilliant, Anna. What Bortle scale sky was this taken from? How do you like the Colour Efex Plugins? I have been debating about picking them up and based on your image it looks like it's worth the cash.
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