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  1. 8x21 Pentax Jupitar III, you might think it's a micky mouse but it does that job well for the night sky, it becomes my eyes! [and my gf's can use it while i use my 8x30] Very compact and fits in my jacket pocket.
  2. Congrats for winning the lottery of night sky. It's a nice one!
  3. Nice pics with ST80, but not so detailed as much as the other pics.
  4. Kewl, can't wait to get for me Celestron 70 the solar filter soon.
  5. Iancovici

    Hi everyone

    My brother, you live in Japan you must know the Japanese way, if you be humble nothing appears stupid; besides we not on national geo or discovery channel. Look, yesterday I was looking at the moon with me celestron 70 with 60x and I took a pic with me smartphone [that's all I can afford for now oh well], I'm gonna post it on me gallery anyways because I'm happy with it, though would appear really micky mouse for the veterans; it is not a competition of who has the better shot or better scope, eh do you not concur?
  6. Oh great, thanks a lot! @Robin, nice pics by the way.
  7. So how do you see it through the telescope actually? As the first picture in black and white? Forgive me for the noob question, but I like to get the solar filter as well soon. I suppose there's no way to see it in the colour?
  8. ..somewhere in space..... I exist !..

  9. I concur, I can then bring my eyes much closer to the bino/scope and much more comfortable [though I have to put it back once I look back at the sky! or i just look up with the bino that's hanging on me neck]. That'd be utterly bizzare and confounding!
  10. Iancovici

    Hi everyone

    Sounds nice, if you ever post some of those pics on your personal gallery on this site, let me know will you.
  11. Iancovici

    Hi everyone

    Yes.. rarely skies are that great in Japan. Though I do remember vividly one particular mid summer night sky, more than a decade ago it was, when I went with my friend from Narashino-shi to Katsuura-shi, located at near southern tip of Bousou peninsula of Chiba-ken, by bicycles and we slept in the mountain and then sky was perfect, saw millions and some falling stars with our naked eyes, lying on the ground in our sleeping bags we gazed at the sky for hours. It was a memorable moment, even though as some ants crawled in our sleeping bags!!
  12. Ah, savvy that. I live in the light polluted city of Bucharest, but I occasionally get to go to Black Sea port city of Constantza where my GF's folks live and there I do familiy observatory for them! [well, in fact they just come to me themeselves out of curiousity when they see me looking in the sky with my telescope and bino]
  13. Iancovici

    Hi everyone

    Ah.. the summer nights in countryside of Japan.. those never ending singings of cicadas in the forrest.. that moist and hot air that will make sweat run on your skin.. countryside train going through the ricefield with calm mountains in the distance.. with millions for stars shining on the sky, from which some fall from it sometimes.. the image of my youth returns! Gokigenyou douhou Chris and welcome!
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