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  1. Has anybody done any of the courses prior at UCLAN via distance learning? 

    If so, are you able to tell us all what we might be expecting? i.e. during orientation week, group session for distance learners since students at the uni will have their session with the teachers in lecture halls, lectures in general are they just online or is there like a virtual classroom online as well??

    Also, just went onto the blackboard learn site and had a look at the search reading lists found on the left side menu.  Here is the link for the UG Cert in Astronomy http://readinglists.central-lancashire.ac.uk/lists/ABFCF832-4DD1-59A5-66EB-4B796DFB046E.html

  2. Hi Rae

    Just received my network details today and was able to Citrix in.  Yup fees are still outstanding here too.  I'm sure I will see the unconditional letter as well soon via email.

    Meanwhile snooped around the apps up on Citrix and ensure everything else is in order.  Can't submit my acceptance of the University Agreement until they have fixed the issue with the Fees, which will be done soon.


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  3. Hey Rae... Finally received my conditional letter of offer.. sent off my payment tonight along with all the requirements... waiting on a reply for the unconditional letter over the next few days... already got the books...looking at possibly getting the Experimental Methods book as well by Les Kirkup...From what I read on the Facebook page from previous people that did the course, its meant to help with helping to present information for assignments...

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  4. I have recently been reading up on filters and I am hoping to clear up some unanswered questions I have about them. I started off buying the basic colour set that Celestron has to offer with the different Wratten colours like #12 (deep yellow), #21 (orange), #25 (red), #58 (green), #80A (blue), as well as some other ones, which I have been using for observational viewing of planets and stars like Antares, Hadar and Betelgeuse.

    I then started looking at other types of filters to begin using them for Astrophotography. I have since acquired the Celestron OIII Narrowband and the a UV/IR filter.

    I know the next steps to go would be to acquire a SII, H-Alpha and possibly a H-Beta, however what I don't understand is the wavelength measurements. If the Narrowbands say 40nm or 8nm, which one would be the better one to go for?

    Also, which brand would be more suited for Deep Space Astrophotography of Nebulae?

    I will be looking at using Black and white photos with each filter in place then stacking the photos using Registack and Photoshop, as they bring out more detail.

    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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