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  1. Hello all, i posted up a thread on another part of the forum asking about my irving telescope. I forgot to ask does anyone know when it was made. As there's no indication on the telescope. And does anyone know roughly how much it is worth ?. Here's some pics of it :
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Patrick and i'm new on here. I've been on here a couple of times already but not much. I am a student and i am wanting to take up a career in astrophysics (mainly research). I have a 10" skywatcher skyliner dobsonian telescope. I've been stargazing for about a couple of years now . I have a facebook page if anyone is interested in viewing and liking it. I post up posts to do with astronomy daily. Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/DailyAstro Patrick
  3. exactly i think its 3" does anyone recognise it how old is it
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new here. I have a old Irving refractor on a EQ mount. Here is some images of it:
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