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  1. Ok, You got me curious. :-) Where can i find it? Or the information to help me find it?
  2. No, keep at it. If you seek professional help you'll be wasting scope money.
  3. I have tried closing my eyes, but i have come very close to igniting my beard, and that would really ruin my night vision. I have settled on closing the favoured eye and lighting out of the good eyes vision around the corner of my nose. less facial conflagrations that way.
  4. macg

    Hello one and all.

    Welcome Fip, So many knowledgeable and experienced people on this site. And such an immersive hobby. Welcome and enjoy
  5. How do you light the roll ups without losing your night vision? Or is it just like the compromise i practice? Nice list BTW. +1 for the Whiskey Might want some intermediate lists so it doesn't scare every new comer.
  6. Hey, I dont have one but if you're not really interested in the telescope side of things then this might be something for you? http://www.ioptron.com/index.cfm?select=category&cid=91af533f-b0e2-4dd6-92eb-681025cbb317 and some discussion on cloudynights http://www.cloudynights.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/5995693/Main/5993529 All the best
  7. You deserve a cut from solar scope sales! Thanks for sharing.
  8. macg

    Hi everyone

    Hi Chris, Hiking through the Japanese countryside to get to dark sky! The things we have to do. Welcome
  9. Thanks guys. I have checked out some photos using the 200p eq5 set up from people on this forum and they are pretty good i have to say. I do understand that it not sufficient for trouble free long exposures, but at this stage to keep the initial outlay lower and work up to greater expense. Ronin: The 2nd hand 200p eq5 has the dual axis motors, but no the other two do not have any motors. Regarding the tube rings, i wouldn't have a clue if they would fit a truss rod dob sensibly. I sort of imagine they mustn't harm the scope as the retailer would probably go broke from returns if they did. Ca
  10. Hey guys, I am very keen to buy a new scope soon and have been a little confused by options. I have been looking at two 2nd hand scopes, a solid tube 200p on eq5 and an Orion 8 Proview on equivalent eq mount. Both look ok and are a reasonable discount. Though it is a little hard to find much info on the Orion. I am interested in an eq mount for both education purposes, mostly my education, and for occasional photos. The dob for ease of use and movement. So now the local store is offering a collapsible truss rod dob, Skywatcher 8, with dob base and eq5 mount packaged. So my question is: Are the
  11. I had the same scope and planisphere. Definitely could recomend them both. Used a Petzl head torch that had red and white, of course i didnt know it had red for a few weeks., but having hands free never hurts.
  12. Thanks guys, I hadnt even thought of the DIY option. The eq mount is really for my own interest. I have not used one. But photography is definitely something i woud like to try to, hence the dilemma. All good. One thing at a time.
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