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  1. hi I've been hear a few days and think this site is brill love it lots of nice people and lots of great advice DAWN :wave:
  2. dawny

    hello im a newby

    :wave: hi everyone I SAW THE MOON TONIGHT though my scope off course it was amazing thank u all again i will be on hear all the time now the next thing is now i have to go and sort my mums partners telescope out dawn :hello1: :hello1: :hello1: xxxxxxxx
  3. dawny

    hello im a newby

    hey i got the big cover off at the front of the scope it just needed a little gentle pull with a screw driver but my scope is ok thank u dawn x :hello1:
  4. dawny

    hello im a newby

    mike u said about the cover at the front of the scope well only the little cover will come of mine the bigger bit seems to be stuck and a don't want to force it and break it but it dose show on the manual that it comes of dawn
  5. dawny

    hello im a newby

    thank u all again for ur help i aligned my finderscope and focused on a chimney and i saw it so I'm just waiting for a good clear night when the moon is out and i will try again so will let u all no how i get on :cheers: dawn
  6. dawny

    hello im a newby

    Thank u all for ur help i will try everything u have all suggested and will let u all no how i get on, i hope it works if i have anymore problems i will ask . dawn xx :wave:
  7. dawny

    hello im a newby

    Hello everyone my name is Dawn and I'm new to Astronomy I've been interested in the stars for a long time. my husband bought me a telescope 2 years ago and i was very excited i got it out straight away and put it all together its a national geographic, model NG76AZ it has 3 lenses h20mm, h12.5mm, high power, and a barlow lens 3x. i tryed for ages to get it to work and I'm just seeing gray though the eye lens (and yes i did take the lens cover off lol)in the end i went on a web site (can't remember which one) but did not get any help so i put it away. then in the mean time i had another baby and forgot about it till now, then this Christmas my mums partner got one I'm not sure of the make but i will find out and hes having the same problem so i now have mine out again and can't seem to find the problem and I've lost the insuctions (sorry about the spelling) i hope this is not a silly question but as I'm new please some one help Dawn x
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