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  1. Clear skies tonight. I might actually have ago at imaging.

    Wish me luck.

  2. Mums funeral tomorrow, my God it's going to be a hard day.

  3. Getting really sick of this weather now. It's December, where is the cold, clear, crisp days gone? I can handle the cold, hate the wet.

    1. pipnina


      California neb, Pleiades & orion are getting into good places in the sky early now. Not observed the area properly at all yet and it's bugging me.

  4. Canon 7D mkii incoming.

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    2. wxsatuser
    3. Psychobilly


      Have fun just don't expect miracles in bad light that's where FF really comes into it's own...

    4. hobsey


      Don't worry Pete, I did think long and hard about my choice, I just hope it's the right one.

  5. To get up or not to get up for the eclipse? that is the question.

    1. Psychobilly


      It's a few years until the next one.... 2033?

    2. Matthew


      I'm not even going to bed until it's over

  6. Off to perranporth tomorrow for a week. Hope to get some good milky way shots.

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    2. Uranium235


      Have a good time there.. try to get out of town and on the cliff path... its really dark! (great views)

    3. Uranium235


      Oh, let us know if the beach has recovered - it was a right mess this time last year (cos of the winter storms).

    4. hobsey


      I will do. Going to go to St Agnes to get the milky way behind the old tin mines.

  7. Bought a new car yesterday, turns out the colour of it is called 'Lunar Glow' quite apt.

    1. gooseholla


      lunar glow? To which phase did they match the colour?! :D

    2. ronin


      Not Sodium Yellow then? ;-))

  8. Good day out at Brands Hatch. 615 photos in RAW to sort through, most will probably get deleted.

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    2. tingting44


      nice one, were you trying panning? ive not tried panning yet, looks very cool

    3. hobsey


      Yes, with terrible results.

    4. griz11


      MotoGP for me next weekend. I went to Brands once as a kid. I love shooting motorsports. Tried the slow exposure panning for the first time at the Pirelli Challenge. Some pretty good shots lots of throw aways but the good ones are really good with the blur on the tires and background.

  9. Canon 300mm f4 L IS on its way. :)

  10. Can't bring myself round to selling my unused gear.

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    2. hobsey


      Not too bad Martin, Yourself?No, don't need the funds. Just be nice to have some spare cash as I'm getting a new camera lens next week. It will be a good one for Wings and wheels.

    3. tingting44


      I'm very good thanks buddy, had a lovely night out last night with a couple of friends at our local dark site :) spare cash? What's that lol :) ohh very nice, be wicked to put a face to your name at this years W&W :)

    4. hobsey


      Don't worry fella, I will be there this year. Like wise, be good to finally meet you.

  11. Want russ.wills 305mm Dob in the classifieds.

  12. Booked myself in to an intensive all day photography course in February, can't wait.

  13. Not a bad day. Solar viewing, observed the Moon, Mars and Neptune then tracked the ISS through the 127mak.

  14. Dear Santa, sod the gifts could I just have some good clear skies over the christmas period. Many thanks.

    1. tingting44


      HERE YE....HERE YE....

      +2....ill have some of that :)

  15. Want to go out and play with the Star Adventurer but the moon stops play.

  16. Well chuffed, got offered a new job today.

  17. Oh look, showing perfectly clear for all friday night and guess what? You got it, a full moon.

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    2. PhotoGav


      It's enough to make me consider 'specialising' in the Moon!

    3. hobsey


      I've never imaged the moon but I may just have to friday just to get the scope out.

    4. stevend


      I was hoping for a clear night. The Moon will be the white thing near Alderbaran :) and Callisto occults Europa. ;)

  18. Solar filters on order. Hope I have more luck solar viewing and imaging than I do the night sky.

    1. Tums


      I've had mine for my 80ed about 2 weeks now. Haven't seen the Sun since it arrived. Good luck. lol :)

    2. hobsey


      It will just be my luck that will happen to me as well.

    3. nightfisher


      Solar white light is pretty easy, just need some clear sunny days, a bit rare around these parts

  19. I really am sick and tired of this! Showing clear all day, go out this evening to do my first lot of imaging and it's foggy. Could quite easily sell up and go back to offroading, at least I can do that in rubbish weather.

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    2. Knight of Clear Skies

      Knight of Clear Skies

      Sorry to hear that, it's frustrating when the forecast teases but doesn't deliver. Those clear night when the kit all works do make up for it.

    3. ronin


      Our weather is part of the reason I dislike the cry to buy the biggest scope you can. One may be nice but an 80mm refractor or 127 Mak will get used a lot more. Best to consider "astronomy" as an occasional hobby, at least the actual observing aspect.

    4. hobsey


      All the large stuff is going to be packed away until I move to somewhere with a garden where it will get more use.

  20. Imaging for the first time tonight, can't wait.

    1. tingting44


      good luck buddy! you guiding?

  21. Just looked outside, still cloudy. Not seen a star in weeks.

  22. Need to find an indoor hobby for times like these.

    1. Phil Fargaze

      Phil Fargaze

      I know, mirror grinding!

  23. Hope to have my first go at imaging tonight if it stays clear.

  24. Yes, just got my netbook to talk to the Star Adventurer and guidecam, just need to try guiding them on a star now.

  25. Looks like I won't be using my new mount anytime soon due to bad weather.

    1. Uranium235


      Yep, its going to be pants until the 20th - if the jetstream makes its predicted move to the North of the UK. We need a cold northern blast!

    2. hobsey


      There is talk of it being like this until Christmas. I hope to god it isn't

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