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  1. Thanks MarsG76, a useful graph which illustrates the point. I'm considering getting the William Optics 2" Dielectric Diagonal and I can see that I will need a combination of 1 1/4" and 2" eyepieces for viewing different objects. Mal
  2. Hi Alan, Thanks for your reply. You've just reassured me on that one. I did get the Baader 3.25" clicklock visual back you mentioned before I started having second thoughts. I haven't yet got the diagonal though just in case I changed direction. Mal
  3. Hi all, Having recently acquired a C11 sct, I'm in a bit of a dilemma as to whether it's worth going over to 2" eyepieces for a better experience. I've looked through various forums but seem to be getting conflicting answers. Does anyone have any experience or can give me some advice? I do have one 2" ES20 100° eyepiece which I thought I could make use of and was thinking of getting a 40° or so one for low power viewing, but if 2" is the way to go, which others would excel with this scope without breaking the bank? Or should I just upgrade my 1 1/4" collection to higher quality ones?
  4. Hi, I've recently acquired a Celeston C11 sct and am wondering what others might think are good combinations of eyepieces to use. I have a selection of 1 1/4" eyepieces but intend to use 2" ones with or without a 2" Barlow for planetary viewing or deep sky. I'm thinking also that the 2" eyepieces might be more useful for deep sky use than planetary. I already have a 20mm 100 degree ES 2" eyepiece and the 2" Barlow, so any ideas about other eyepieces to get will be much appreciated. I'm up for getting a range of cheaper ones or just one or two more expensive ones if that would be better
  5. Dom, Thanks for the advice, very useful I think. Mal
  6. Thank you all for your input, much appreciated. ☺ I'm quite relieved that I can use my big newt. I will have to experiment with different reducer/extenders with regard to getting focus on the scopes that I have. I've seen cheaper 0.5 focal reducers that say they're not recommended for short focal ratio systems, so does this mean I'll need to look at more expensive ones? Also, any advice on extenders please. Thanks
  7. I'm fairly new to video astronomy and I'm a little confused about possible telescope/focal reducer setups. I have a new mallincam jr pro camera with EXview HAD 1/2" chip although I haven't had chance to use it yet and I'm quite looking forward to seeing what it can do. The question is, what telescope is best for video use? I have found out that I need a short focal length rather than fast focal ratio. But I'm unsure which is better, a refractor that accomplishes that requirement or by using my existing telescopes but using reducers to get the shorter f/l. The other question is getting it to
  8. Thank you all for your replies. Looks like resin is the way to go. Malcolm
  9. Hi all, I'm looking for advice for the best way to fix my pier anchor baseplate to the concrete base. I have a cubic metre concrete base for the pier which is a pier-tech type and the anchor plate has '3' 16mm holes in. I've considered the bolts that expand in the concrete and the option of using screws with resin. I'm not sure which is best and also I can't find very long ones as I would have thought it would need them. What length would I need them and where could I get them? Any advice welcome please. Malcolm
  10. Thanks to you both. I think the Shelyak controller will be the way to go as I want to move the dome with the telescope movement.
  11. Hi all, Does anyone know a way which will allow my dome to follow my telescope when slewing via my computer automatically? I have a Pulsar 2.2mtr observatory (still in sections awaiting assembly) which I bought secondhand and includes the dome and shutter drives. I could buy the 'dome tracker' from Pulsar which would do this but would cost nearly £900! Is there another means of doing this without costing so much? I see that the Ascom platform has a dome control but not sure it would work. I'm not very technically minded though so nothing too complex please. Thanks. Malcolm
  12. Thanks everyone. Paul, I will wait and see how my 12" performs and I might still be curious enough to try a refractor later on.
  13. John, thank you for your encouragement. Will look forward to using it and getting some more eyepieces, maybe secondhand on astrobuysell.
  14. Thank you Shane and all. I take on board all you say and will probably invest in a range of eyepieces etc. I already have a 2" 20mm ES and a Pentax 10mm XW as quality eyepieces, also a 8-24mm zoom. As expected there are those in the reflector camp and those in the refractor camp. I have looked through a refractor and they do give nice views though I think I'll try first with the reflector and see how it goes. I've previously only had the 8" SCT so I'm in neither camp yet.
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