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  1. Hi all, This is such a good idea, really nice to compare processing of the same data and see different styles! Picking up lots of tips and tricks. I haven't had the chance to process narrowband colour much previously so was playing around and found a nice 'false colour' technique for narrowband data online using R: 0.75xSII+0.25xHa, G: OIII, B: 0.1xHa+0.9xOIII. -Processed RAW files independently in PS with levels and curves initially. (You realise how good the data is when the initial curves is so easy!) -Combined the processed files in the ratios as above and RGB. -More cur
  2. Hi Olly! I hope you are both keeping well in France. Yes it is amazing and like I said, I feel the general standard is so high these days! All the best, J
  3. Thank you both! It was a nice surprise to catch the comet in the frame. Comet is the green slight elongated object top of frame adjacent to star! Quite outshone by APOD Nov 12th! https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap201112.html J
  4. Hi all! I've been out of the game for some time now but nice to see familiar faces on SGL! I hope everyone is well and keeping sane and safe! Lots seems to have changed! New cameras, new software, new lots of things! It's hard to get back up to speed after a few years. My Dad (Mick J) keeps me updated. The general image standard is now so high it seems! I have a bit of a natural break in work and life things so enjoying some time in Crete with other half's family currently. First time using portable set-up for me and to be honest a lucky capture with the comet in the frame mostly by
  5. Hi everyone, Long, long time since I've posted. Finally some clear skies in my Summer holidays to take advantage of! Full version on AstroBin: http://www.astrobin.com/full/210107/0/ Ha: 28x10min OIII: 32x10min 10hrs Total, Atik 314L+, ED80 I started a 2nd pane in Ha but I'm off back to university now so I won't finish it in colour this year. Thanks for looking! Jordan
  6. If you are thinking of making your own heater bands (quite easy) then this is one of the best guides, there are others. http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/185968-led-dimmer-dew-controller-full-write-up/ EDIT: almost quick enough ! JCJC' dad
  7. While having a half term break in Hay on Wye noticed a dark skies festival poster, to take place in Hay 21st to 23rd March 2014, more info from here http://www.darkskiesfestival.org Hope this is of interest. JCJC's dad.
  8. There is some math in these 2 pages, you may be able to adjust the numbers or the thread size. http://massapoag.org/astro_2/Equipment/Barndoor_Tracker/Barndoor_Tracker.html http://astunit.com/atm.php?topic=handscotch jcjc' dad
  9. I am sure LiPo or even LiFe radio control packs would lend themselves to powering astro kit, using LiPo in radio control cars over the years I have seen a few packs swell/puff when badly charged, yet to see one randomly catch fire but there are stories, radio controllers had problems with NiMH cells. Dedicated chargers for these batteries are cheap enough and should be used. The packs for flight are soft cased and would need to be boxed, car packs have hard plastic casing with hard wired cables or bullet style connectors. Lipo's need a voltage cutout in the circuit that switches off before
  10. Have you looked into your local society, http://www.abingdonastro.org.uk/aas_blog/ jcjc's dad
  11. Hi Olly! Long time. Looks like an awesome project and should get stunning results! I can't see how it could not reduce noise, did the guy on the French forum give a reason? It seems to me it doesn't matter if it's the same filter in both or different filters, either way you will get twice as much imaging time per session. As long as the correct calibration frames are used it's just like running the one camera for twice as much time. Surely? All the best, Jordan
  12. Not sure if this is helpful, but may try right click the .exe file and pick 'run as administrator' , I am not an expert - jcjc's dad.
  13. Looks a useful app, not all android devices can make use of it, try remote release (free) before paying £5.94 for controller. JCJC's dad
  14. Like the top part of a traditional sash window, on a modern spring system would be possible, three unseen walls could be same as Gina's roof - rubber sheet stuff over ply, wrap the edges - waterproof - may need venting? and may cost as much as plastic cladding. JCJC's Dad
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