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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions and the link. I keep trying to capture night sky views to post on my blog, but although I've got a decent SLR camera, I haven't yet got the skills to do the sky justice. I'll keep chipping away.
  2. Hi, Thought I'd introduce myself and lob a question out there. I'm Tristan. I research and teach natural navigation, that is finding your way using nature, which includes the sun, stars and moon (but not usually the planets). My astronomy is mainly hands-free. As you would expect I do know most of the standard methods of orientation, ie. a lot of ways to find Polaris, the south celestial pole and a few ways to find the celestial equator, but... I wondered if anyone out there had any original or neat tricks for finding N/S/E/W by looking to the heavens (or elsewhere for that matter). If you're not sure if it is original or neat, lob it out there anyway, I may have come across it, but others may not. thanks, Tristan
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