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  1. Yes, I suppose my preference is clear! I think given my chances to get out and about observing are pretty limited with two small children and a mr working away portability isn't my main concern and I just want to be able to go out and look, not spend my time panicking about breaking some computerised gadget of some sort. I'm sure at some point I'll end up with both! When we are able to afford to start going on holidays I'm sure I'll want a smaller more portable 'scope to take with us to (hopefully) many dark sky destinations.
  2. I like the idea of AP but realistically it's very unlikely I'll ever go down that route given time, location and funds. If I do ever decide to try my hand at it it won't be for several years and so that isn't one of my factors of consideration. I'm very content for simple visual astronomy for the foreseeable future. I do need to consider the usability with children of anything I do get. I home educate my children and have a lot of friends who do so and while my children are too young to have much interest at the moment (my 5 year old daughter was mesmerised by the moon last week but "humphed" at what I considered to be a stunning view of M45 and was exceptionally unimpressed with Jupiter!) I would like to be able to offer some of the older children in the home ed community an opportunity to experience what the sky has to offer. I imagine there are pros and cons to each option when taking this into consideration as well and primarily whatever I get is for my own enjoyment.
  3. I really didn't expect all this but I am very grateful for the input eve if I do feel a little like my head might be about to explode! As I said earlier, I'd always dismissed the idea of a Dob for some reason. Now I'm wondering if I should have a complete rethink and look more closely at the skyliner 200p. I think maybe the extra aperture and the simplicity might work well for me. The idea of setting it up and wandering the skies is very appealing and is what I'm used to doing with my bins after all. I find the idea of collimation very intimidating though and it puts me off a little.
  4. Andy - that's my husbands conclusion. He knows nothing about astronomy and apart from a cursory "very nice dear" when I drag him out to look at something or other through the bins he has no interest. He does know computerised stuff though and he reckons the more computerised something is, the more things there are to go wrong. I'm a back to basics sort or girl. I don't mind if it takes longer or I end up frustrated because I can't find something and I have a suspicion that using a goto will remove some of my feeling of achievement and I'll end up looking at something and thinking yes, very nice, what's next. As others have said I'm sure for me a lot of the fun and achievement is in finding something myself and then wallowing in looking at it.
  5. Charic - that really has thrown a spanner in the works! I couldn't explain why but I've always dismissed the idea of a Dob but perhaps I need to think a little harder. The bigger aperture is (obviously) very tempting! Now I'm all confused! I spend hours pouring over TLAO - generally it's either cloudy or on the nights it's clear the children typically decide tonight is not the night for sleeping. I have stellarium and star chart both of which I love but I do feel a little like I'm cheating with star chart. The power source element of the goto is something I have considered a lot. Not a problem when I'm home obviously but I have visions of dragging myself out somewhere only to have it fail on me and being stuck. I love the idea of being able to go out and just look and enjoy. Just wander around the sky - I think I was under the impression that this was something that isn't possible with a goto mount but I'm not sure how I came to that conclusion.
  6. After years of deliberation I'm finally ready to buy my first telescope. I'm pretty much settled that the Mak 127 is the right scope for me but I can't decide whether to get an EQ3-2 mount or whether to get the AZ goto. I can find my way around the sky very slowly and tentatively from many many months of naked eye observation and using my bins but I want to know and understand what I'm looking at and how to find things. I'm worried that with a goto mount I'm going to get lazy and not bother learning because I don't have to. I am right in thinking I can't move a goto manually aren't i? Any advice from people who actually know what theyare doing?,
  7. Libbyq

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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone Glowjet - I think I've pretty much decided on a skywatcher 127 mak but I'd love to hear people's opinions.
  8. Libbyq

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    Hi, I'm Libby and I live in south Derbyshire. I've been fascinated by the skies since a friend took me to use the big Cambridge university telescopes when I was in 6th form and I am finally in a position (13 years later) to buy my first telescope and throw myself in (not that I haven't done my best over the years). Very excited and thrilled to have found this forum (I've been popping over the years but decided to register at last) with so many experienced people.
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